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By Anonymous on Saturday, April 20, 2002 - 10:13 pm:

The time:summer/fall 2000.The US was proposing a test, where a missile would come from california, and be shot down by a counter missile in Alaska.Something went wrong, and the missile went rogue, over the Yukon Territory.My dad saw it, and said it was huge, and on fire. it turned the morning twilight into day, and made a huge noise. it roared over my house, close enough to shake things off the walls and scare the shit out of crashed aout 20-30 miles out of Carcross.NASA claims it was a meteor, but that doesn't explain military choppers from the US searching for it, or when a certain guy in Tagish found chunks, they whisked the debris away to who knows where at NASA,hush hush and stuff.Canadian law says meteors and comets that crash can't leave the country.Various people say it went two differnet directions, like there was two of them.The mountain near my house was nearly the crash site,and I would say i'm lucky i'm not a crater now.In this vein, on a mountain near carcross, there is a track of something really hot burning past,very low, but no crater. the path is lined with trees that are ornge on one side, facing in towards the path.some trees are flatten, torn out of the ground, and one has branches broken downwards like something huge came down from above.I have photos of this, and its quite strange when you actually see it for yourself.I could ramble on about other stuff, like the Aurora Borealis forming a haloe around my house, and my neighbors are a few miles off, so i can fairly certain my house was the focus.I saw a ufo of some sort in the Lights that same night.Another time, the Lights came very low, in the form of a hand(four finger and a thumb)and sort of glide towards my friends and me,when we were out walking.I've got a million ghost stories, but I'll post them another time.<iceman)

By Jr on Tuesday, June 25, 2002 - 02:23 pm:

Interesting stuff. Do tell more.

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