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By Jim Bowie on Saturday, February 16, 2002 - 12:56 pm:

The Future ?
Well today there is a lot of information around the world about Aliens, UFOs, Space & Astronomy.

We have the Disclosure Project, COMETA report, and many other websites, witnesses, and groups collecting, confirming, compiling, and promoting all this information.

There is a lot of other information
I could type here, but there is plenty at our UFO and Astronomy club online here...

As for the future...
Most of my friends say things like,

1. Most say... "One would have to be nuts to think we are the only intelligent life forms in the Universe".

2. A couple say... "I won't believe until a UFO lands in my back yard".

3. 1 or 3 say... "I don't want to know".
(they have other beliefs)

4. Others say.. "I dunno, I'm too busy".

5. Quite a few say... "the disclosure project pretty well sums it up".

My parents and some friends never studied about these subjects of UFOs or extraterrestrials. My parents and their friends come from the 60's and 70's where they would be told about loony-bins if they talked about UFOs and ETs.
So it has been a big 'turn-around' for them seeing some of the recent disclosure on the Internet or TV.
A couple of weeks ago I saw a documentary on prime network TV here showing Linda Moulton Howe saying she was taken to a remote facility and was walked through several security check points, told to sit in a chair, with video cameras recording her actions, then given some cosmic top secret documents explaining that the US government (and other countries) at the higher levels knows that ETs manipulated the DNA of primates to help humans evolve.

This was on Prime TV3 here.
Friends and my parents taped it on VHS.
(people should not let this new information worry them. Be happy, enjoy science, art, music, etc)

And in the Travis Walton case...
he met three different types of ETs on the craft, 2 types were similar to hairless "greys" and the other type of ETs were exactly human looking.
But they were all advanced and sophisticated.
Travis Walton his best buddy and other witnesses to the event all passed multiple lie detector tests. So no-one should hate them.

It looks like things are really moving toward wider disclosure.

But I know it will have to be a slow process. Because I try to hint or enquire with other neighbors or acquaintances, and I get such a huge variety of responses.
Because most people just don't study about it, and even miss good documentaries.

I'm supposed to be out playing Rugby with friends right now, or studying 3D design software after going to the library with a girlfriend.....

But here I am online reading and writing about UFOs and Space !! :-) LOL.

Anyway, UFOseek teams and everyone...
A friend gave me a gift yesterday, a new book called "SPACE our final frontier"
by John Gribbin, in association with BBC.
Apart from the latest publicly available information about space...
it has an awesome collection of full page photos.

Every UFO buff should own it.


Have a great day!

Best Regards,
Jim Bowie.

Investor Relations...

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