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Carl on Thursday, January 3, 2002 - 12:50 pm:

Hi everybody,
a few days ago, a friend from the States sent me an ad, that he found in a newspaper:

Urgently needed! TEST PILOT for newly invented time machine: unmarried, ready for time journey. Requirements: good history knowledge, polished manners, driving licence, long-term vaccination, no glasses. Only serious, detailed application letters to P.O. Box 35027, Edmonton, Alta. T5K-2R8, Canada

This was not a very surprisingly news for me, because I read a time ago an article in a German magazine, that some scientists have aready invented a time-machine!

So my question to you is, who knows more about these or similar projects?


By Carl on Thursday, January 3, 2002 - 01:34 pm:

I forgot to mention, that this info was not a very surprisingly news for me, because I read a time ago that a working(!) time machine was already built in the beginning of the last century in an Italian monestry. The inventors name was "Padre Ernetti" a monk and the project was financed by the Vatican!
Here some information about Ernettis time machine:


Besides thisd: in connection with the above mentioned advertisement sent to me, I found out, that the University of Alberta is working on a very new Nanotechnology! Check it out yourself:


After finding that, I think that absolutely strange things are going to happen.


By Carl on Thursday, January 3, 2002 - 01:58 pm:

Maybe this link also could be interesting for you:


By brian on Friday, January 25, 2002 - 05:11 pm:

souds interesting. ill check it out.

By Bret on Friday, August 8, 2003 - 11:13 pm:

poppin into my head again!!!!!!!!russia dropped a nuke on us we went back and stopped it.

By A26 on Friday, September 12, 2003 - 11:06 am:

Maybe you should read some stuff about the Montauk experiment and the Philladelphia experiment, also known as the Rainbow Project. If you don't like to read, they made a movie about it. I don't know if it's any good, I prefer the written stuff.

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