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Joseph-Bradshaw on Friday, October 5, 2001 - 09:37 am:

Hey My name is Joseph and I have always been involved with the paranormal. I'm a naturally gifted psychic, and I would really like to help out with Paranormal investigations and with anything else if I can. The problem is that I really cant find a group around where I live (southern kentucky )so if anyone has anything to say or to tell me about contact me PLEASE.

By PROFESSOR on Wednesday, October 10, 2001 - 02:40 am:

...Hello Joe...Wish I could be able to be one as yourself with the insight and sensitivity and to inadvertantly make myself available to ghosts of another dimentional area with-in my own minds eye. When did you know you had the gift..? PROF559@AOL.COM "smile"

By Hell milskovich on Saturday, July 20, 2002 - 07:19 pm:

i that case i am a psychic also cause for some reason i am like a ghosts magnet they come to me i dont have to go to them

By John on Wednesday, December 18, 2002 - 06:09 pm:

Everyone has some psychic powers, but there are few who can use them. I wish you well on your journey. Luck. Oh, how far out are you looking for a group? I'm in Iowa and I have a friend that can see and speak with ghosts. I can sense them and the energy they make as they move.

By Chris Roscoe on Friday, March 12, 2004 - 01:28 am:

Im what you might call a higher psycic being able to tape into energy that regular psycics can not, and i dont like comming into contact with ghosts trying to work around them to a higher source. I can detect demonic energy and deal with it, and use angelic energy depending on the effort involed. On a personal basis for my own use nothing is impossible. If anyone should need my help just e-mail me.

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