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By Tracy simone Hudson on Wednesday, July 18, 2001 - 03:41 pm:

If there is anyone, at anytime, who is crying out SERIOUSLY for help, for exorcism or just to talk,
please feel free to leave a message and know that help is at hand. :-)Answers guaranteed to all genuine questions.

By Elizabeth Castillo on Thursday, March 7, 2002 - 08:23 pm:

I have a question. I work for a man who recently
lost his son in an accident,and has just found
out his son died from neglicence. His sons urn
is in his office,and the candles that are placed
in front of it have been shattering.I need to
know if there is a meaning to this. I would
appreciate any help you could give me.

By Juli on Tuesday, March 12, 2002 - 12:07 pm:

Having had an experience at 8 yrs., at my grandmothers home my grandmother acknowledged the experience and told me to close my eyes, it would be ok. I am almost 53 now and my grandmother, as well as my father have passed on. My problem is late at night after I have turned off the lights or during the day occasionally. I see forms like shaddows almost, although I can make out the whole shaddow, bald head, hair, ect. They move towards me and I panic and close my eyes and I feel them in the room sometimes, and sometimes they move away. I don't think I am losing my mind at all, this doesn't happen all the time, I feel like they are trying to connect in some way but I'm not comfortable. Is it possible that there may be a way to communicate with the soul/spirit of those passed, when one never has until now?

By Deborah Anna on Monday, March 25, 2002 - 07:07 pm:

Yes thats what mediums are for and if you are able to see spirits you may even be able to cultivate the gift yourself.
Deborah Anna
Psychic Medium

By Melinda Santare on Wednesday, May 22, 2002 - 10:15 am:

How do I 'tell' my mother to leave me alone, without having her do more than mischief? We've never gotten along throught out her life; and in the past few months I sensed she would be dying. So I've tried to "shut down" in the event of her comming. But the past few days, she breathes down my neck, ( besides just being present ) she even gave an electric shock to my Husband!! My Husband has caught glimpses of some spirit, to which he said it's unfriendly. ( He has come to believe in spirits in the past 10 years, because of 'seeing' our friend). Damn, she just poked my 4 year olds eye; ok, we're outa here. Help me.
Do I gather my departed friends or living ones to keep her at bay?? And what can I do??? Thanx for any assistance.

By Rebecca Corinne on Tuesday, June 25, 2002 - 03:16 pm:


In July of 2000 I took a trip to Michigan with my mother, stepfather, and my cousin. My boyfriend couldnt come and I was very sad the entire trip. Then something strange happened on the fourth night. At about 5 am my cousin woke up out of a dead sleep to find me completely turned around at the foot of the bed, left arm and head hanging off the bed. It didnt really bother me until I called my boyfriend and found out that he had done the same thing, at the same time, but we were 500 miles away from each other. It was a very strange feeling for both of us. It felt like I was staring into a mirror.
He woke up actually staring into his mirror........STRANGE What could this mean?

Thanks Please email me if anyone has a clue!!!!

By Judy on Tuesday, August 6, 2002 - 11:22 am:

i have a question i lost my 17 yr old daughter in a car accident in nov of 1999 we were close i miss her but you never know what you've got til its gone. she is still at our home. we'd like to move and if its what she wants i want her to move with us but only her.there are others here. and thats only if she wants to go with me. i dont want her left here alone any one know a sure way

By Bookdeity on Saturday, October 11, 2003 - 09:00 pm:

My husband has had visions, dreams, as well as lights turn on, stereo turn on, TV turn on and change channels from the last channel he had it on when he turned it off. All of this over the past 2 years we have been living together, but lately he keeps waking up with awful nightmares, and a panicked feeling, with pain, and numbess in some limbs but tingling in others. He hears unintelligeble voices whispering and oftens sees shapes when something happens like someone we know dies. He is about at the end of his rope and is starting to think he is crazy. We know it runs in his father's family and his mother has it as well. Please help. Any books we should read, people to talk to, websites to check out anything!

By Tracy Simone-Hudson on Thursday, October 30, 2003 - 12:14 pm:

Hi all,
Firstly we can safely then therefore conclude there is a realm that exists outside of the natural realm that is the supernatural realm.
We can accept I hope, the presence of spirits.
They can take the form of noises, ghosts, feelings of hot or cold or a "presence" or other means.
There are two kingdoms on this earth. One is darkness, the other light. I believe there are angels (good spirits), and there are demons(bad spirits) and there is no in between. There is no such thing as a neutral spirit.
We can draw the bad spirits easily, angels are sent from God and cannot be invoked at will.
Demons or malevolent spirits are always bad, and often bring discomfort and fear. They have to draw energy from you and always "take".
Angels or good spirits are sent as gifts, always bless, add strength, joy or peace and seldom are seen with they eye, but can often be felt as "presences". Rather than take like demon spirits they add to us as humans. That is the difference between the two.
It is easy to discern, and once you determine what kind of spirit is operating in your or a loved ones life you can deal with it accordingly.
99% of the ones on this forum are demonic.
As A christian, I know and have seen at fitst hand that demons or evil spirits have to submit and do as they are told by us. They rule and hold people mostly by fear (God always moves on us with Love- opposite you see)
You can tell a Spirit to go and get out and leave with all authority and without fear. They dont like leaving and sometimes hide, but in the end they have to go and always do go. The only time they can stay is if you want them to.
They have a knack of making you feel "special" or gifted in some way, especially if you can read fortunes or have visions etc.. So they arew clever enough to con you into keeping them, though the truth is, and it is the truth, they always take life from you either by sickness or torment or other negative thing. You will find most mediums or psychics are very sick people in their bodies.
Let me emphasise that there are such things as real visions and dreams, miracles, healing etc.. and supertnatural manifestations that are from God I believe 100% in these and support them fully and move in them myself. But I know 100% for sure, these other spirits or demons are counterfeit and copy the real thing.
You need to know your enemy and you need to know your God!
Let me know if anyone requires any further info on the subject.

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