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Time02112 on Thursday, May 3, 2001 - 11:57 pm:

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<p><img src="http://ubmcrew.8k.com/pics/TITLE.jpg" width="409" height="66"></p>
<p><font color="#FF3333">WHO WE ARE</font> - T.A.P. "Temporal Accelerator Project"
T.E.N. "Temporal Explorers Network" </p>
<p><font color="#00CC00">T.A.P.-T.E.N. is a Non-Profit Organization that involves a majority of their
research in the exploration of Time~Travel, Gravity Displacement, Unified
Field Inertia & Electrostatic Propulsion, To the exploration of examining
possible methods of the absorption & extraction techniques, to harness unlimited
free energy sources, by utilizing a sophisticated combination of merging
yesterdays technology, with today's modern high tech computer aided technological
forces all under one roof.
<p><font color="#00CC00">Our members consists of a broad range of ordinary people from all walks
of life, some of them are still in college, while others are college professors,
scientists, physicists, computer technicians, or those who like to dabble
in the electronics arena in their professions, to their garages & basements
at home.</font></p>


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