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By Kenobe on Thursday, April 19, 2001 - 04:24 pm:

Let me know what you have experienced.Send email, photos ,anything paranormal.

By Lissa on Monday, October 22, 2001 - 10:08 pm:

I was just wondering if a spirit could turn on or off stereos or computers. Or is there just a physcho path in the house?

By MALEFICIA on Wednesday, October 24, 2001 - 02:37 am:

...Ghosts are real...Demons are real...Spirits are real...Hauntings are real...What stories from others are you really interested in...Seems that most everyone here has been spooked by something paranormal or someone dead before...But most of us here might prefer to specialize in a specific area of parapsycology...Good luck to you...Have fun reading paranormal stories from paraseek here..."smile"...MALEFICIA...PROF559@AOL.COM

By Hallybod on Tuesday, November 13, 2001 - 11:23 am:

Everything in this universe is made of energy. So it is possible for spirits to switch off stereos etc. It has happened to me in the past. Be objective and pay attention to what is happening. Make sure that you rule out your own imagination. As for weird stuff, where do you want me to begin, my whole life is weird.

By Deborah Anna on Monday, March 25, 2002 - 07:03 pm:

Yes they can actually turn things on and off and many other wonderful things.
Deborah Anna
Psychic Medium

By 2_much_time on Monday, April 1, 2002 - 01:08 am:

I've said it before and i'll say it again. Lights and electronic equipment turning on and off is more times the result of bad wiring than of a spiritul presence. Have an electrician check it out first. Their could be a very mundane explanation for it. If he cant fix/explain it then look to the paranormal.

By Anonymous on Saturday, April 13, 2002 - 05:20 pm:

vampires are real..

By Devshb on Sunday, April 28, 2002 - 12:12 pm:

Some people (especially adolescants, or people going through intense emotional/psychological periods) do seem to have some kind electronic/static field that manifests itself in various ways. The daughter of one of my parents' friends had this to quite an extreme when she was growing up, almost always influencing electronic gizmos like tvs and radios when she entered a room.

But electricity/static is a form of energy which is created from something else; I guess it's what creates this electricity/static that is the important question and will give the ultimate answers.

Biologically, almost all living organisms create some sort of electricity perfectly naturally (our brains/nerves use it, after all), so it's not a major leap of faith to assume that sometimes people create more electricity/energy than normal and that it sometimes gets externalised/released in some way; excess of electricity/energy always tries to escape its confines.

By Anonymous on Wednesday, June 5, 2002 - 11:28 pm:

Yes they do turn things off and on my lights at home do it all the time we just got use to it.

By Kaye on Thursday, August 1, 2002 - 10:02 pm:

yup..Spirits can turn lights off & on and much more...Many yrs ago my husband and myself lived with a couple not to nice spirits mainly one spirit,did all the lights and door knobs turning shuting doors and windows and haunting us...The haunting is another whole story! Kaye

By Tobias on Thursday, July 10, 2003 - 11:10 am:

yes.ghosts and such can turn off lights and stereos.alot of them seem to think it's great fun.and i think they get their laughs by scaring the crap outta' the people on the materil plane.

By Aislin on Monday, February 9, 2004 - 03:25 pm:

probably they just want some attention letting you know that you are not living alone.
I grew up with a ghost or maybe ghosts in my house but they were mostly friendly, but very protective. they never liked strangers staying over.

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