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Rattqueen on Monday, June 10, 2002 - 03:07 am:

Now I have only had one Ouija board experience, because that is all I needed.

My sister had a book on how to call up spirits. I had already been playing on her Ouija board for two days straight. I read what I needed to and then called up a spirit. I waited and laughed because you know at that time I thought it was funny.

All of a sudden I felt my body jolt back and I felt something go through me. I was trying to look in this mirror but I could not see myself. I was talking in a voice that was not of my own and the whole room was now backwards. Yes, this is true. Anway I am freaking out because I want to get to my mother, yet she is downstairs and I can't get downstairs, because the stairs are backwards. After awhile the room changed back to normal and I was able to get downstairs.

My mom said my eyes were diliated and that I was sweating real bad. The sweat was dripping off of me. I still felt possessed, because as I was trying to talk to my mom, it felt like something was controlling my every movement. My hands and my thoughts, even my speech.

I ran in my moms room and prayed to the statue of God. I said I'll never do this again, just get this spirit out of me. I thought what if I was forever stuck like that. I was way freaked out.

That night my sister gave me a cross she made and told me it was for protection. I started to watch some talk show and I could hear people's thoughts. I could tell if they were lying. I could feel what they were feeling. I finally went to bed, but for a few days after I still kind of felt weird. I just thought never again.

The lesson to be learned was don't make fun of the spirit world, for they are here and very real. If one thinks they can make fun of the spirits, well you will soon find out you will not be laughing for too long..And I was taught spirits really exsist and that they are to be respected. Ouija is not just a game, and should not be treated as such. That was what I had learned from my Ouija board experience!


By Xfilesfan93 on Thursday, January 8, 2004 - 11:27 am:

The spirit world is nothing, I laugh at danger, mwuahaha

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