Minas dos Estrallas and the nahaul

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Legendz1 on Friday, April 12, 2002 - 02:56 am:

Wow..I am glad I found this page. I caught a bit
of the new episode in Mexico. What a
location!!! Its a nice change from the usual. I
am very very interested in Minas Dos
Estrellas..where can I get more info on it. And
so you have any stories about what else went
on there besides the MTV web page. Let me
know. Thanks.

By Anonymous on Friday, April 12, 2002 - 11:58 pm:

Kris how many of the cast have you spoken to after the show aired, if any? Don’t you find it quite surprising how the cast are so out of it and scared while in the haunted locations and doing their dares. Their seems that there hasn’t been one that expected strange noises, voices, orbs, and electrical shortages, physical confrontation of some sorts…those are to be recognized some of the things to come across and not one cast member see that and are totally bewildered.

By Pete-4N1 on Saturday, April 13, 2002 - 12:01 am:

Why is it this season I believe there is only six episodes when last season there was 10 episode?

In the mine in Mexico with the second cast when “major” was the one in the drainage pit crying would that or would that not be extremely dangerous being left open and aware become very vulnerable of his environment

The episode in the jungle in Mexico wasn’t all that good their weren’t any ghostly activities or white orbs or any visual action or so compared to the first episode in the mines on this season.

In the first night when they have to go to sleep would the cast be aloud to go out of the safe house during the day to see more

Are their any investigators that had a chance to work on the St. Agnes “mental hospital” episode and got to speak with the cast after the show aired because theirs a scenes where there is a burnt plastic doll head with a body stuck to the ceiling in the underground hallway…and then on a bonus dare there seemed to be a featherless turkey in front of the door of that last room investigated

Has their been any case while any ghost hunt that any of you investigators heard your name said by ghost because on the first season on the military school episode after “holly” returns to the safe house after doing a dare were she held on two on wires anyway after she completes that dare and leaves in a hallway clearly you can hear a man whisper here name…now unless that has ever happen to any of the real ghost hunters then that would to have been doctored in then.

Can anyone confirm this…I read some where that the reason they didn’t disclose the correct location of the mental hospital on the first season and gave it the fake name of St. Agnes is one because people still live in there. Number two is because the reason the cast were not aloud upstairs in the actual hospital is because it was still being operated and having people live in it. Also I read on the same place that it gave the correct state and city and had a correct map of it and what highways that surrounded it. Believe the real location of the hospital is in Minnesota or Montana somewhere in the north Midwestern part it but I don’t remember which specific state or city anymore.

Why is it when ever I post something on the message board where the date is next to the clock/time this was written, is three hours ahead of my time? Does that mean this site is based in, New York City or something while I’m in California and are there any ghost investigators based in California.

Is this site linked to www.theshadowlands.net/ghost/?

Does anyone here believe in or know of “Sleep paralysis”, also known as “Old Hag”?

By Kelvin on Tuesday, July 2, 2002 - 12:47 am:

I have many questions about this episode. I
have talked to Brandon, and I have gotten
some info on what really happened in the
episode. My first question is: What exactly is a
"Nahual"? I really want to know. I have had
my share of paranormal occurrances...I have
talked to a spirit on the phone(VERY
FREAKY!!) through my friend, I was sitting next
to a friend that was 'posessed', and let me tell
you, THAT IS some FREAKY thing to
experience!!! And lots more paranormal
things have happened to me, that's what got
me so interested with the paranormal..

By Astral on Tuesday, July 23, 2002 - 06:52 am:

sleep paralysis or old hag.. is something that occurs to me frequently. it is commonwhen the body is asleep and the mind is still awake some call it the beta state or focus 10 according to the monroe institute. It is a birthing stage before an Out Of Body Experience or astral projection. And man let me tell you it is one hell of a trip.

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