how much longer is this show going to be shelved? Discussion Forum: Fanzone: Scare Tactics AND MTV's Fear: how much longer is this show going to be shelved?
By Pete-4N1 on Monday, January 21, 2002 - 01:51 pm:

I understand the stallment they put on "fear" because of the 9/11 ordeal.Its been four months since that date more or less, but alot of shows pulled have come back and same for the movies so then it should be about time for the "fear" show to be brought back to the line up...honestly I'm more concerned about getting on the show rather then watching but of course theres no number or anything from MTV to get on it,or to contact them meaning do any of the professionals that worked on the show know atleast a number or website for me so I could get some contact or audition time, just tell me yes or no if you do.If feel this show even dough its not a 100% ghost hunting show it is and would be a good experience in the field of ghost monitoring.

By Carla on Monday, January 21, 2002 - 03:38 pm:

Check out the other discussions, Pete-4N1, for latest news on 'FEAR' to fulfill some of those "ghost hunting" aspirations you've been having! Stay tuned, you guys!

By SLAPPY on Tuesday, January 22, 2002 - 06:38 pm:

I hope fear gets cancelled so Mtv can show some more worth while programing like...... the Real World.

By Joe BLOW ME on Tuesday, July 23, 2002 - 05:59 am:

slappy your a fuc*ing moron real world sounds like you have no real LIFe you Fuc*ing dumb ass

By Anonymous on Wednesday, July 24, 2002 - 02:44 pm:

I want Fear to keep on coming. I love it. Slappy, your just nappy and you need to get a life. Watch VH1 if Fear is not your cup of tea. I am sure that some gay singer homosexual biography will amuse you much better.

By Phonepkh on Saturday, March 20, 2004 - 10:29 am:

We should all write to MTV which is a PILE of >>Blank<<< now! and ask For FEAR TO continue...In my Thoughts it was the Best thing On MTV, The REST BLOWS

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