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Ladybug9973 on Thursday, June 7, 2001 - 05:23 pm:

It has been awhile since I saw this episode, but the part where the guy has to stand in the cabin on the chair. The door moves behind him and he almost breaks his neck trying to get out of there. He does in fact break the camera. That is the best I've seen out of FEAR. I agree with something that I read in another article on this site, I think that the people behind the show take this stuff too lightly. That's just my opinion though.

By Kriss on Sunday, June 10, 2001 - 05:02 am:

I agree with you, in my opinion some of the executives take the paranormal with a grain of salt. I hope that changes.

I wasnt working on location for the Camp episode, so I dont know what happened. I do know form one of the producers that the camp was very active. Tod Dahlke, the producer for that show, stayed the night alone in one of the cabins during pre-production. He told me several different things that he encountered during the night, and he woke up when the large flourescent light over his bed collapsed onto him.

By Anonymous on Tuesday, June 12, 2001 - 10:36 am:

So where IS this camp located exactly ? I know you said it was the same one from Friday the 13th but what city and state is it in and is Camp Spirit Lake its real name?

By Kriss on Wednesday, June 13, 2001 - 12:59 am:

I really dont know. I wasnt working for them then.

By Jo on Monday, April 8, 2002 - 02:23 am:

I like FEAR but, you do know that "Camp Spirit Lake" is where they taped the friday the 13th movies.... So it is highly doubtful that it is as haunted as the producers made it sound

By Kriss on Tuesday, April 9, 2002 - 01:56 am:

I didnt work on that episode, but I know that the producers knew it was used for Friday the 13th. I also know for a fact that it is haunted. One of the producers is a friend of mine, and he had an encounter there that totally freaked him out.

By QueenChanga on Sunday, August 25, 2002 - 06:19 pm:

I know for a fact that the "camp episode" was taped at Crystal Lake, California. It's up in the mountains...not too far from Big Bear. My firm knowledge of location comes from (first) my memory of vacationing there every year for, like, 10 years and seeing a movie crew one year in particular when I was a little kid. Secondly, I had a good friend who's father worked on the set of the movie and said so. Just thought you'd like to know... ;)

By Nasaw83 on Saturday, May 31, 2003 - 02:49 pm:

Where was Friday the 13th actually filmed?....was it somewhere in New Jersey?

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