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Spacetime Slips: TWIDDERS popular

Known by many names, including but not limited to time-jumps, -ruptures, -ribbons, -storms, -slips, -tears; I’ve assigned these extraordinary experiences the acronym TWIDDERS (a jumble of “time/warp/displacement” with a pinch of “slip” thrown in). So what the heck are spacetime slips (TWIDDERS)? Spacetime slips are phenomena wherein a person most often experiences a time displacement.  Sometimes they encounter a shift in location.  On atypical occasions, both simultaneously! For example; you’re in a 1990′s Anchorage hotel lobby, and when you enter the restroom, it’s 1920′s retro.  Only when you return to show your friend, it’s 1990′s sleek.  Huh? That’s but one real-life example of a brief trip-to-the-past that happened to a Washington state couple on vacation in the last frontier. Over the years I’ve come across myriad accounts by very sane folk of their TWIDDER experiences.  The nature of these spacetime slips can vary; most accounts chronicle trips to the past.  However, one may travel to the future, experience time inexplicably speeding up or slowing down, lost locations, leap frogging time, lost time, found time, different locales, instant replay, and rarest of all, alternate realities. On this site, I’ll regularly share spacetime slips, as recorded by those fortunate enough to experience one. Please feel free to post any comments, questions, or TWIDDER experiences you have.  Spacetime slips provide us fascinating glimpses into the truly remarkable universe we live in.  I hope you enjoy reading the experiences I’ll post on this site as much as I would love to hear from you. —Anita Holmes

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