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California Society for Paranormal Assistance & Research popular

We are the California Society for Paranormal Assistance & Research… We are here so you no longer need to be alone. California Society for Paranormal Assistance & Research (CSPAR) was founded for the purpose of assisting and educating those affected by the unseen and investigating and analyzing phenomena which is suspected to be of paranormal origin; that is, removed from what is currently understood and accepted as legitimate by prevailing scientific standards. Many of us live or have lived in haunted situations. We have witnessed and experienced things that cannot yet be explained by science. We have seen them, heard them, felt them or sensed them in one way or another. Every member of this group has experienced the paranormal or has personal ties to someone who does. We are not someone who thinks ghost hunting is cool. For us it has been much too real. We watch the shows on TV and laugh, thinking “that’s nothing. They should have investigated my bedroom”. We are not outsiders looking in. We have been inside looking out for too long. In attempting to understand and explain what has happened in our past and present situations, we have embraced technology to aid in in finding the answers we need to accept. We are here willing to help you better understand your situations. Proving that something is really going on is the first step for most people. Without proof you feel like your crazy. If your asking yourself that question, your not. We will help you get proof of what you know is real. We will rule out anything else that can affect the situation. We will understand your feelings each step of the way. CSPAR Investigation Team Members are located throughout Southern California. This allows a rapid response to emergency situations in all areas of Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange, San Diego and Los Angeles Counties. Each team member has his or her unique talents and abilities that help ensure every investigation performed is of the highest caliber. Each of our team members is equipped with the hands on training for all equipment used for the documentation of data. Each member was chosen for their additional skills and abilities to form one of the most solid investigation teams on the west coast. Their focus in on helping and assisting those in need. Combining our natural senses with investigative skills has led to one conclusion: While attempting to assist those living in a haunted situation, The evidence we have collected, tends to be on a higher caliber than most groups who refuse to include the psychic/sensitive investigators and rely on scientific methods alone. We also have had a high success rate in diagnosing and solving the clients paranormal problems This is a win/win scenario, bringing resolutions to those families and individuals living in fear of the paranormal and allowing us to possess a consistently high caliber of EVP’s, photographic, video and scientific evidence. We treat the alleged spirits as if they were still alive and not just things that go bump in the night. Which we feel provides an additional level of understanding, both on our level as well as theirs. We acknowledge them, treat them with respect and ask permission before any attempts are made to acquire data or scientific evidence. As a result they usually treat us with an equal level of respect and provide the scientific data and documentation we need to help solve the case. This is a very unique and unprecedented methodology. The results speak for themselves. We are proud to bring our way of living and investigating to the public. We are blessed to work with so many talented and caring people.

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