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F.E.A.R. Returns with Celebs? :
Before Ghost Hunters and way before the paranormal was considered cool MTV launched a successful reality series called F.E.A.R. where teens were dropped off at haunted locations and left to explore them on their own. It was great and we have every episode on tape to this day, yes VHS.

When it was cancelled after a few seasons by MTV, we all prayed for more but it never came. Well, years later, low and behold, it is back, albeit with Celebs and on VH1 (now called Celebrity Paranormal Project). But don't be fooled, the format is almost exactly the same. Strap a camera to your back and dive in. We doubt this will make it past season one but it does make us want to roll those VCR's again and transfer F.E.A.R. to DVD before we loose it forever. PS at press time we did find some copied of making of F.E.A.R. still in print.

Stargate: SG1 Cancellation Shock :
True, we have a love-hate relationship with the Scifi Channel. Certainly they have been responsible for saving many shows and for taking us to places where no other network could. But the recent shocking announcement of SG1's cancellation shows once again the channel execs can't see the forest for the trees.

Horrible promotion for the current summer season of Stargate (if my Tivo didn't catch the season premier I would have missed it) wrapped with the loss of Galactica as an anchor doomed the ratings. Why show both Stargate series together alone? It makes certain that you can't add viewers from other shows.

Let's not forget, SG1 virtually saved the network 5 years back. Its high ratings spelled doom for Farscape back them. Ironically, the surprise success of the low cost Eureka may have done the same here. What the Scifi Channel has done, in a nut shell, is damage key ties with the strongest franchise on television. There will be more Stargate series, movies, etc, but odds are producers will seek other outlets first now.

There is little doubt if paired with Galactica or even tiny-tot Eureka, ratings would be where they were last year. You don't put two related shows back to back. It spells disaster and decreases live wathcing in favor of Tivo where people can space out their Stargate on their own. If Scifi can't see this then they should allow SG1 to move to a new network (currently threatening to prevent this because of contracts with Atlantis). Stay tuned. (save stargate site).

James Cameron Finds Jesus, Does Anyone Care?
James Cameron officially has the most boring life on earth. And he continues to prove that when he helped unearth the possible remains of Jesus (oh and did we mention all of his family too).

The Discovery channel boradcasted it all in March. However, true or not this one may be dead on arrival. Even if there was a mountain of proof, no one would buy it. There would always be conspiracy nuts driving things in multiple directions. Like the people that still insist shadows on the moon shouldn't and can't diverge. The evidence presented by the Discovery Channel is, if nothing else, interesting and worth a view.

Moment of Truth for Veronica Mars :
Sometimes ratings do not tell the story, no more so then with Veronica Mars. Kristin Bell's female sleuth epic, ala Encyclopedia Brown, has given us nothing but joy since day one. And although this season (3) has been uneven and seemingly pushed through, one can hardly blame the writers. They were told they would get 8 episodes, then 13 then 20, etc. This is no way to write a serialized piece of art, which is what VM is -- art.

And so VM finishes up its 3rd season with a slate of 5 stand-alone episodes starting the first week of May. Meanwhile, during the same week, the producers will be begging for the future of the franchise, stoked with an incredibly loyal fanbase (see the save Mars site) and endorsements from several Hollywood big-wigs. The only thing Mars lacks is ratings. However, there is no doubt that VM is the flag of the new CW, they just don't know it. Letting go may do incredible damage to them.

OK..We're Still Angry at X-men 3 :
As the summer progresses and we see more movies, we get more and more enraged with the load-of-bull that was X-men 3. Cars, really really good. D.Code, good if you ignore the total dumbing down of the female lead. But there is no excuse for X-men.

Why is Rogue even in these movies? She never does a darn thing. Gee, let's take her out of the movie halfway in, for no apparent reason. Why do the writers go on a killing spree? If this was to be the last X-men movie, you don't need to kill off 3 main characters. It just doesn't make sense. Get rid of Berry. All she does is complain about making these movies and she gets the most screen time. Trust us, if by some miracle you having seen this, do yourself a favor and don't. Ever.

Bush May Face War Crimes :
If there is one thing we've learned about the U.S. government over the last 10 years, it is that the president can get away with just about anything while he is in office. The checks and balance system does not work well enough to stop a president who wants to do what he wants to do.

However, it is clear that after a term ends, the president can be in just as much legal turmoil as any citizen. Is this a double-standard? Damn right it is.

This government seems to want things both ways. Prisoners held in Cuba aren't allowed due process however the Bush Administration still claims they are not prisoners of war. You can't have it both ways. The surpreme court was dead on in its ruling that Article 3 of the Geneva Convention applies to these people. Fine...some of them may be terrorists, but they sure all aren't. It is our job as members of a free country to assure that we do our best to determine which is which. Ignoring the problem is NOT in our interest nor American. (More info on the Article 3 ruling).

Paraseek First Look: Eureka :
Nestled in the Pacific NW is a small town with a secret. Think Northern Exposure meets area 51 and you get a pretty good picture of Scifi Channel's newest original series (coming July 18th). The concept is nothing flashy but the execution of the pilot is ideal. Superb character development, touching every parascience, Eureka has a good chance to become a mainstay.

The beauty of this jem is it can go in any direction. Where is the line between science and science fiction? There is no need to know here. One of the first family oriented shows Scifi has produced, we simply could not touch the remote until Eureka's mysteries played out. We give Eureka a surprise must see rating with 4 out of 5 stars. More series info.

It is clear the Scifi Channel is pressing to have original series going 12 months out of the year for the first time in its history. With the success of Doctor Who and the surprising Eureka, it just may have pulled it off.

Will New Animation Carry Scanner? :
When we first saw the preview for A Scanner Darkly, we didn't know quite what to think. Is this a Roger Rabbit for the 2000's? With live action overlaid with computer generated animation, we have to wonder what the audience type will be. It might be an aquired taste, but then again so was The Matrix. With Keanu Reeves and an ensemble cast we are very interested in learning more. We will keep you informed as we get closer to launch. Click on the picture at right for the current trailer.

New Ending For The Matrix! (Path of Neo) :
Yeah we know most don't think the Matrix story lived up to its first chapter. However, we are one of the few that think the Wachowski Brothers' claim that there will never be more Matrix movies is a pile of bunk. The money tree will come knocking at some point for all involved.

To back that up we've got a first look at Atari's brand new Path of Neo game release (Nov. 8th, 2005) which promises to prove once and for all that a team can make a good Matrix game. The most exciting part about this game, which allows you to play as Neo throughout the entirety of the trilogy, is that special alternative content including a brand new ending was written up for the game directly by the Wachowski Brothers. So all of you that have dreamed about one day spinning up your DVD burners to change some really, really bad plot points, here is some help. Oh and PS, the game plays and looks fantastic (see our review) Be part of the solution. Help fix the story right on your couch!

3rd Annual Halloween Give-a-Way is Underway!
Oh Yeah --> We've got Cyclons Baby

We've got so many books, CDs and DVDs piled up for our third annual Halloween give-a-way you would think we were opening a store. Well we're not, its all free. And at the top of the list, our good friends at Universal have brought us a treat. That's right folks, we've got DVDs of the Saturn award running Season one of Battlestar Galactica. And before you can say frak, did we mention the mini-series and 4 hours of special features are included? Click on the image at right for a sneak peak.

And remember, all you have to do to enter is post in the forums, Click here for rules and info. Be a winner. Take a shot at a Cyclon. And happy happy Halloween from ParaSEEK. (contest over)

Haunting Sarah Brings Lifetime into New Ground :
The paranormal entry from Lifetime Television is not only unexpected but also suprisingly good. Check out our special first look review and make sure to check it out yourself October 3rd at 9pm.

Will Ghost Hunters Stay True? :
With season two of ghost hunters rolling in, we've got to ask the most important question: "Will TAPS give in to their commerical success?".

Like many of you we loved the first season, but the only way this show will remain successful is if the SCIFI Channel left it completely alone. The beauty of this show is that the team brings us ghost hunting on the basis that 99 out of 100 times you are going to get no real results. Failure is a part of the field. And learning from that failure is the most important aspect of the show. The team always makes a point to tell us why something is not proof. We get down on our knees and hope and pray that ghost don't start popping out left and right.

ParaSEEK will be watching very closely to see what they deliver. See the archive for our raves on season one.

Raves for TAPS Ghost Hunting On Scifi :
Not since MTV cancelled Fear have we been so entertained. Ghost Hunters, a new reality show on SCIFI, is proving to be much more than just a reality copy-cat. For the ghost hunting newbee, it offers a chance to take a glimpse at a different world and educates on the processes of authenticating paranormal events.

What impresses us most about the TAPS team is their leadership. This is a paranormal team that concentrates on disproving themselves rather than glorifying random orbs and bad lighting as proof that the other side is out there. This is specifically the tact one should take when investigating the paranormal and many such groups do not behave this way. The first order of business in any investigation is to shoot holes at your evidence. If you still see proof there, shoot some more holes.

Recent episodes have shown us chairs that move my themselves and an apparent ghost in a old prison. But many episodes show us nothing and we applaud that. This show is about the process not about the end result and because of that you should be watching. (sound off on the new series here)

Jackson Case is more about Mom and Dad :
Perhaps the moral decay of society has never been shown so blatantly as in the case of Michael Jackson. The media is fixed on him. Did he or didn't he do it. In the end, does it really matter? We would like to know why the police and media are not concentrating on the dozens if not hundreds of parents that allowed their children to go unsupervised at essentially a strangers house, overnight in most cases.

Every one of these parents should be investigated, prosecuted, and their children removed if neccessary. News reports children left in cars and left alone at home. I guess Michael Jackson's compound doesn't count for some reason. A local establishment here is having trouble getting a daycare license nearby, they should have him endorse it I guess. Would you take this chance with your child? Clearly not. We wouldn't even let our kids near the road.

As for Michael Jackson. If he does have a problem with child molestation then he is sick. You don't give alcohol to a recovering alcoholic. You don't hand criminals shotguns. And you don't offer your children up to the slaughter for the sake of celebrity, money or greed.

Latest News: Return of the Research Directory :
We are proud to announce that our paranormal researcher directory has relaunched after a long hiatus. If you are a paranormal researcher or group that can help people, please register yourself using our new system. Just click here. It takes just two minutes. // more cool news below //

New Vision For NASA Positive after the Politics :
First of all, let's strip away the politics. Obviously their are political motivations for everything whether it be purchasing a toothbrush or a next generation spacecraft. So lay that aside and consider this purely from a scientific standing. The president's new vision for NASA, announced Jan 16th, contained a lot of elements which are right on the money. For too long we have been locked into orbit. NASA's first new designs were for just another upgraded shuttle. In orbit again for the next half-century? No way and no reason. The money that is to be gained from in orbit flight will be gone in the next decade as the smaller powers rev-up their space programs (Europe, India, China: all on the move). Previously there was one space power soon their will be 3 or 4.

If the U.S. is to continue leading the way, it needs to be for another purpose. Politicians are sure to complain about cost increases, but the proposed budget for the new Crew Exploration Vehicle and the prelude to a moon base and then a Mars landing is financially sound. NASA has to prove they can do it before the real money appears. Over the next 5 years an increase to NASA will be minimal and such an increase would have happened anyway. Then the shuttles will be slowly retired and that money will be used as a jumpstart to the new exploration program.

Leave your politics behind. This is an exciting time. And very few people thought they would live to see even the start of something like this. Whether it be politically motivated or not, this is the right thing for NASA and the right course. (please sound off on this important topic).

Pyramid Shaft Mystery Widens :
Before a live audience on Tuesday, Sept 17th, scientists peered in via robot through the door of one of the great pyramid's mysterious shafts. Since 1993 the shaft has engaged scholars, taunting the paranormal and scientific community. And now, we have answers. Well, sort of.

After determining that the stone door blocking the shaft was only 3 inches thick, it was carefully drilled through, and then a camera rolled inside. The result: another door and a hidden chamber.

The new mini-chamber is the first major hidden area found in the great pyramid in over a century. And now the mystery continues. With signs of weathering and scratching, the new door may not be composed of the same materials as the first. Although the amount the two doors are apart is very small, drilling through it might be very difficult. The robotic team now faces a year of analysis and maybe exploration in one of the pyramid's other shafts.

Just what is the shaft used for, and is there anything in back of the second door? Is the new stone breachable? Are we dealing with a situation right out of 2001? Was this puzzle left on purpose? (Sound Off: what is your theory?)

Missing Beagle Throws Conspiracy Red Flag Higher: :
OK folks, this is not rocket science. Oh...whoops, it is. The apparent lost of the Mars Beagle 2 explorer raises more red flags, following the growing line of exploration disasters concerning the Red Planet. The continuous loss of spacecrafts near Mars has officially lost the coincidental flair. Either someone is slowing our exploration on purpose at home, or there are spacial conditions near Mars that may by equivalent to Earth's mysterious triangle regions.

The lasest excuse for the Beagle's failure to signal home is that it may have fallen into a deep crater. Excuse me? We've mapped Mars. We know where to land these things. Are we to take it that on the surface of Mars there aren't areas where you could land that are not near huge craters? Positioning craft to land in specified areas is not difficult with our technology. Remember people, these vehicles aren't shuttles, which despite our losses are incredibly reliable. These are newly designed craft devoid of Windows bluescreen crashes. Technology is moving forward but our results are not and that single fact does not add up.

Spooky TV Horrible All This Fall (2003): :
The Fall season and Halloween itself has become a major national and international holiday, in most areas second only to Christmas. Well Halloween has come and gone and I must say it was extremely dissapointing from a TV perspective. In previous years we have gotten used to seeing marathons of MTV's Fear and Fox Family's Scariest Places on Earth (both shows no longer exist by the way), as well as the 7 or 13 nights of Halloween concepts that most stations run. This year, virtually nothing and absolutely nothing new. It was as if every network decided to take this year off.

The highlight of the season was a two hour documentatory in "Haunting in Georgia" on the Discovery Channel. And although informative, left you wanting more. Unfortunately there was no more. We are usually excited to see October come around on the TV, but not this year. Halloween and Friday the 13th marathons are out of date. UFO coverage is all rehashed. Scifi's Scare Tactics is simple bad television riding the reality wake. At no point is that show enjoyable from our perspective. Have all the producers, writers and execs fallen asleep. This year yes. A boooo from are staff and a well deserved F for the season.

Scifi Scares Us...Already did Really :
We're not sure what is more frightening, the fact that Farscape has been replaced by Scare Tactics and Tremors, or the fact that the former is hosted by someone who's left more high paying television gigs than most people can name without needing speach therapy (Shannon Doherty).

Despite an outcry for Farscape's "deserved" return, Scare Tactics makes its way, coming on the heals of more creative shows such MTV's former Fear (which Scifi could have easily aquired with all probability). ST has one purpose: to scare the crap out of a friend for the sake of fun. But just how scary can this concept be. After all, anyone involved in this candid camera rip-off doesn't know what's going on so can't sign a waiver. Thus, the show can't go too extreme or the producers might end up on CourtTV.

Tremors and Scare Tactics prove that cheaper isn't always better, and begin a dark age for the Scifi Channel that should last until at least 2004 when Battlestar Galactica and Quantum Leap MAY take off again. (Sound off on Scare Tactics) Shannon Gallery.

Update on the article above: Yes, Scare Tactics has already been threatened with a lawsuit. Beyond that Scare Tactics seems to be having some ratings success. Then again, what is success. It would seem whatever is thrown into the 8-10pm slot on the Scifi channel gets between a 1.0 and 1.3 rating. Why have original programming at all?

CloneAID Harms Stem-Cell Research :
About two years ago we launched a discussion concerning a U.S. company that wants to clone your pets. And now, a bigger bomb has burst. CloneAID claims to have made the world's first clone baby. And maybe more. The problem is CloneAID has a huge credibility problem. They are related to a religion which says aliens gave birth to humanity.

Now there is nothing wrong with any religion. Everyone can worship how they want and believe what they want. However, perhaps (you think), it would have been better if CloneAID didn't have any religious affiliation. In any event, if CloneAID does have this child they have yet to prove it. It is far past time they put up or shut up. If it turns our their claims are not accurate, they have done harm (we would argue criminal hard) to those waiting for stem-cell research. These sick people don't have an agenda. They just want to be cured. And now a rogue gorup has but years of research in jeopardy. Are you as ticked about this as we are? (Sound Off)

Masking Tape and Plastic Kills :
OK...OK...its nice to have these terror alerts. You know we all love them. Personal we think the White, Off-White, Cream color scheme suggested by Saturday Night Live would have been cooler. But in all seriousness, word to the wise: To survive a biological attack there are two steps, (1) keep the bad stuff out and (2) supply air to breath. Two families have already died by stuffing themselves in a room without any air. Obviously the whole tape thing isn't going to help you for more than a few minutes. Instead, if your serious about saving yourself, get educated. Info on just how to do this is scarce, however, author Fred Lane's A Public Guide to Surviving Terrorist Attacks is packed with good info. Probably would have been more helpful for Homeland Security to suggest a few hours reading than a trip to the local hardware store.

NASA Gives the Finger to Hoax Book :
As a general rule, if you're going to invest tax dollars, you better ask the tax payers first. In response to decades of "did you really land on the moon" talk, NASA recently contracted fifteen thousand dollars for a mini-book meant to show that all footage of the moon landings was genuine. After a media backlash, that plan has been scrapped.

Personally, ParaSEEK would like our money invested in getting someone to mars (we don't care if it's a cloned cat). But for now we've got this book to talk about. Thanks NASA.

However, the people that claim the landings were a hoax do have a point. The success rate landing on the moon was over 80%. The success rate of landing probes on mars with out current technology has been under 30%. Something does not add up. (Sound Off)

Major Paranormal Merger Announced :
(Jon Nowinski, Dateline: DALLAS, Texas) The Smoking Gun Research Agency (SGRA) and the Organization for Scientific Research and Inexplicable Investigations (OSRII) have announced one of the largest mergers of two scientific paranormal investigation agency's in history.

The SGRA has a membership of 500+ with three branch offices in the United States. The OSRII, based in Dallas, has been exploring the paranormal world for many years with 50 field investigators. The merger will form one of the largest paranormal research groups in history. For more information please visit

Charmed Blasts into Season Five(open discussion)
After the departure of Shannon Doherty, Charmed's lead cast member, and sagging ratings, an end seemed in sight for the power of three. However, the introduction of a new cast member seems to have given the show a fresh start. Superb writing and a creator that has concentrated on making every season different has made this one of WB's brightest shows. So what is next for P3 and when did you get hooked?

Conspiracy buffs: The Mole 2 Back from the Dead
What causes one of the best reality shows to take a long nap. An insane Friday time slot. The Mole, a conspiracy buffs dream, finally returns to ABC Tuesday May 28th after a near year hiatus, pulled from the air last Fall due to bad ratings. Left in the dark after a handful of episodes aired and with little hope, fans finally get their wish. Definitely worth watching. Unfortunately since ABC mis-fired on its original timeslot, this may very well be the last Mole. Let's just hope ABC doesn't kill one of its best shows AGAIN.

Kitty Cloned for Fun and Profit:
OK, this is a weird one.  We head to our local library and get the 6th day on DVD.  Wasn't that interested in it when it was in theaters and thought it was not going to hold up to standards.  To my shock, not only was it a good movie, but the message it raises on anti-cloning was perfect.

Here's the freaky part.  Twenty-four hours after we watch the 6th Day a local newspaper is opened.  In it was an announcement that a US company is going to clone cats for their owners so they will love forever.  Did I just fall into the Twilight Zone?  If you are concerned about this issue, go out and watch the 6th Day.  And furthermore make your family watch it.  DVD availabe on sale in the PARA:SHOP . And most importantly: Sound off now.  Would you clone your pet?

Doomsday Clock Ticking:
In 1998 the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists marked the Doomsday Clock nine minutes to midnight, marking the proliferation of nuclear testing by India and Pakistan as well as several failures (which continue to this year) for the US and Russia to radically reduce their aging and now randomly dangerous arsenals.

With the recent war or terrorism and the U.S. willing to go out by itself if necessary to stop some of the insanity, is a thin thread now holding the clock from moving closer?  Surely the success or failure of current U.S. efforts and the allies hold the key to the future of the clock.  It has reached a critical stage.  Will the world be able to stabilize radical governments everywhere in time.  Where once there was room for error and one or two dictators, there is none.  Technology has brought us to the crossroads and now action is the only thing that can bring us back.

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