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Packing your Game

The best way to pack a game, is to first :

Put your game on a pallet. In this example we are using a pinball machine because it is  more complex than a video game. Tiestrap the head of the game to the body if the game has a hinged top. If it the head comes off , then you would want to place it next to the game body in this same manner.

IMPORTANT : Never lay a pinball game down to ship. You will for sure have a torn off shooter, because it sticks out past the pallet.

Make sure the pallet that you choose is a few inches wider than the game all the way around. Also remove the balls , leg bolts and books . Put them in the cash pan if you have one, and then secure it in the game or on top of the head. ( the pinball on the head prevented us from placing it up there. )

Next step is to protect the game. Usually , I would put cardboard around the game and then secure it with shipping wrap. But I found a box that fit the game perfectly.

Here is the box on the game ready for the tie straps.

We are all strapped up and ready to go. You can add foam or plastic if you want. I have shipped hundereds of games , and had only minor damage with a few.

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