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University of Calgary: The Social Construction of Male Homosexuality and Related Suicide Problems popular

Includes Problem description, links to publications and resources and contact information. Located in Calgary, AB, Canada.

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The Impact of the AIDS Epidemic on Older Persons (with a Focus on Thailand)

A resource of reports and publications made by a team of Thai and U.S. researchers conducting an on-going investigation into the impact of AIDS on older people since 1998.

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Sociological Explanations between Micro and Macro and the Integration of Qualitative and Quantitativ

An article by Udo Kelle (University of Vechta) providing an overview of the important methodological discussions surrounding the basic questions of mixed (qualitative and quantitative) method designs in sociology.

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Reports Made by 'The Global Social Change Research Project'

A resource of reports showing recent social, demographic, political and communication technology changes in the world as a whole and for developed and less developed sections.

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Peculiarities of Cyberspace: Building Blocks for an Internet Sociology

A resource of essays and articles discussing a range of social phenomena arising from the increased use of ICT and the internet in social life. These are argued to form the beginning of a new sub-discipline, cyber-sociology, or netsociology, by Albert Benschop (University of Amsterdam). Site available in English and Dutch.

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Modelling the Adoption of AEMs as an Innovation Diffusion Process

An internal working paper literature review on the diffusion of innovations by Edmund Chattoe (research fellow) and Nigel Gilbert (professor), Department of Sociology, University of Surrey (UK). Works are applies to the task of modelling the decisions made by farmers to adopt The Agricultural Environmental Measures (AEMs).

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Information Society, Work and the Generation of New Forms of Social Exclusion

The first interim report (literature review) delivered to the European Commission representing a "state of the art" review of all aspects of work, especially change, in the Information Society in Europe in 1999.

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Identifying Dimensions of Urban Social Change In Dublin - 1986 to 1996

A quantitative study of social and demographic changes in Dublin, Ireland employing principal component analysis (PCA) on data collected using ten-yearly census data and smaller mid-decade census data.

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Howard Becker

Assorted by Howard S. Becker (Sociology, UC Santa Barbara, USA) that, in his own words, "[are made available here] primarily to make things I've written and published in obscure places available to anyone who wants them."

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How Can the Human Self Be Truly Described?

An excerpt from the preface to Eli Siegel's major text, "Self and World: An Explanation of Aesthetic Realism".

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Cultural Selection

A collection of papers by Agner Fog on "cultural selection" including how it differs to sociology. Sample chapters from the book, Cultural Selection, are also linked.

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An Essay on Radical Labor Education

A paper by Michael Yates, a labor educator, tracing the history of radical labor education suggesting that the time for renewal may be at hand.

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About Gender

A wide-ranging resource of essays and articles published by the Derby TV/TS Group (UK) discussing the manifold interpretations of gender. Articles/essays are categories by perspective and are added regularly.

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