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  Religion & Spirituality: Reincarnation: Claimed Examples

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University of Virginia - Division of Personality Studies

UVA Health Sciences Center studies past life experiences of children, near-death experiences, apparitions and death bed visions. Includes Ian Stevenson's professional website.

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Rittmeister's Page

Rittmeister tells his past life experience as the Red Baron. Includes a number of other personal past life experiences and recommended techniques for past life recall.

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Reincarnation and the Soul

Recent developments in the field of reincarnation research and past life regression. Includes personal past life experiences as well as articles and recommended reading on reincarnation and related subjects.

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Reincarnation and The Holocaust FAQ

Author and Rabbi, Yonassan Gershom, answers questions about his work with people who believe they died in the Holocaust and have been reincarnated.

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Past Lives Remembered by Past Life Regressions

Larry Rodrigues, researcher and writer, provides past life recall case details and explains the process. Sacramento, California.

Review It Rate It Bookmark It - Paranormal Phenomena - Past Lives of Children

A collection of personal past life experiences of children. This is the third of a three part series.

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Harlan Margold, writer, psychic reader and unlicensed metaphysician traces the lives of famous people in the arts and politics down through the ages, showing how they leave distinct footprints in time for us to recognize them.

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