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Viking Religion

A text about the original Viking religion and how it relates to asatru today.

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A cyber-shrine dedicated to the God Thor featuring original Norse mythology source texts from the Eddas, art, poetry, free runic fonts, and storm animations.

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A collection of links mostly concerning or related to Ásatrú, the reconstruction of an ancient polytheistic religion of Northern European origin.

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Reeves Hall of Frigga's Web

Has an ambitious plan to provide supporting information for Asatru organizers and organizations. the intention is to collect and compile existing material where possible; otherwise, create the material from scratch.

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Irminsul Aettir - Althing

Annual gathering that features a living history Norse encampment with games, crafts, workshops, and rituals. Includes information, registration, schedule of events, directions, and summary of previous gatherings.

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Icelandic Sorcery and Witchcraft

A museum exhibition. With descriptions, pictures and information about Icelandic sorcery, including magical rune staves.

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