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True Light Educational Ministry: Unification Church

Archive of articles, from a Christian ministry dedicated to evangelizing members of cults.

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The Moonies

Documents claims by the Unification Church founder who declares himself God, Moonie front groups, donations to the GOP and George W. Bush, common Moonie myths, and related links.

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The Dark Side of Rev. Moon

Database of articles on illegal activities by Rev. Moon, including money laundering, bank and tax fraud, and violations of currency laws, as well as associations with the far right. From The Consortium.

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Heartbreak and Rage: Ten Years Under Sun Myung Moon

Contains author information, prologue, and first chapter of book for sale on the author's experiences with the church, including his search for love, mass-weddings, isolated farms for brainwashing, and ultimate disillusionment.

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Freedom of Mind Center: Moonies / Unification Church

Site by a licensed mental health counselor, ex-member of the Moonies, and cult expert on activities of the Unification Church, as well as articles and links.

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Free America: The Moonies

Several articles on the Unification Church, and how they recruit young people, as well as take advantage of tax exempt status.

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Bad Moon Rising: A True Story of Washington Gone Mad

A nonfiction journalistic report on the Rev. Moon and his connections to U.S. neo-conservative politics.

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A Weekend With the "Moonies"

Article from the Milpitas Bible Fellowship in California on how a "Christian Retreat" suddenly turned out to be a Moonie indoctrination event.

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