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Truth or Fables

Articles by ex-Seventh-Day Adventist, Robert K. Sanders, about why the teachings of Ellen White and the Adventist church are not in accord with the Bible.

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Seventh-day Adventism: A Catholic + Biblical Perspective

Site by Stephen Korsman examines doctrines of the Adventist church, finding that many have a "heretical and unscriptural twist" to them. Includes links to Catholic, Adventist, and anti-Adventist sites. Requires JavaScript.

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Sabbatismos Ministries: Finding Our Rest in Christ

For Seventh-day Adventists and Christians who want to learn more about Adventist doctrines. Includes testimonies by Joe and Jennifer Rector, articles, and questions and answers section.

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Luther v2.3

Uses quotes, photos and news to report on problems with the church and its teachings.

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Life Assurance Ministries

Ministry to former Seventh-day Adventists and questioning Adventists. Excerpts from bimonthly magazine, many links. Exposing the unbiblical teachings and practices of the SDA church.

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Former Adventist Fellowship Online

Offers forum, Bible studies, stories of leaving the Adventist church, locations of local fellowship meetings, and links to former Adventist groups and churches.

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The site bills itself as "The latest research on Ellen White" and features anti-White and anti-Adventist material from the 1800's till the present. Includes FAQ and discussion forum.

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Catholic Answers: Seventh-Day Adventism

Explores the unbiblical teachings of the Seventh-Day Adventists from a Catholic viewpoint.

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Apologetics Index: Seventh-day Adventism

Research resources on Seventh-day Adventism as seen from an evangelical Christian point of view.

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