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Weighed Down With False Doctrine

Features the research and discovery of false teachings by Gwen Shamblin that she gives through her Weigh Down diet program and Remnant Fellowship.

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The Net Team

Dedicated to exposing the alleged spiritual, financial and sexual abuse of Ralph G. Stair. Contains testimonies of people who lived at the Overcomer community.

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Library of Pentecostal Manifestation Heresy

Shows the spiritual excesses of faith healers like Benny Hinn, John Arnott, "Dad" Hagin, and Kenneth Copeland, caught on audio and video.

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Exposing Those Who Contradict

Exposes false teachings of television preachers.

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Discernment Web Ring

Addresses the deception of the "Third Wave" movement - Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, Rodney Howard-Browne, the Vineyard and Kansas City Prophets, Toronto "Blessing" churches, Brownsville A/G of Pensacola and others.

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CROSS+WORD: Exposing Endtimes Deception

Critical examination of doctrines such as holy laughter, Promise Keepers, Latter Rain, Word of Faith, and Restoration.

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A Verdict on Josh McDowell

Critiques McDowell's popular book "Evidence That Demands a Verdict." The misleading and deceptive arguments McDowell presents are highlighted and convincing rebuttals are presented.

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