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Holy Scrolls and Scribes (Subscribe)


Torah Sofer

Articles about new Torah writing fundraisers, caring for aging scrolls, how and why Torah and mezuzah scrolls are created, and bridging the oral and written Torah from scribe Rabbi Shmuel Miller.

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The Sefer Torah Recycling Network

Acquires donations of Sifrei Torah and raises funds to repair them for transfer to needy locations in Israel.

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Sofer Stam - Sefer Torahs, Tefillin, Mezuzot

"Factory Outlet" of Sofer STAM: kosher & superior Tefillin, Bar Mitzvah Tefillin, Mezuzot, and sefer Torahs. An extensive array of pictures, short films, tips, and articles. Special section for inspection and repairs.

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Information about kosher scribal art, guide to Torah and mezuzos, and a scribed Hebrew alphabet guide.

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Neil H. Yerman, Sofer

Information and photographs about Torah and sofrim from a contemporary scribe.

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Mordechai Pinchas Sofer Stam

Diaries, articles, letters that write themselves and lots of other information about the Holy Jewish Scribal Arts (Sofrut).

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Friedman, Jen Taylor

Biography of this female scribe and artist who created the Tefilin Barbie. [Internet Explorer.]

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