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The Four Madhabs

A collection of articles about the schools of Muslim law, their differences and similarities; also discusses Salafi attitudes and teachings.

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The Association of Muslim Lawyers (UK)

Promotes the legal rights of Muslims in accordance with the Shari'ah, and promotes research into Shari'ah and English law. Information about their activities, publications, and membership.

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Personal Statutes

An analysis and comparison of the judgements of the four Sunni law schools (Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi'i and Hanbalí), and the Shia Ja'fari tradition. Focus is on issues of personal law.

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Islamic Schools of Thought

Essay explaining the four main legal schools existing in Sunni Islam.

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Islamic Fiqh Academy (India)

Organizes seminars, lectures, and training in Islamic jurisprudence; also conducts research and contemporary interpretation.

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Islamic Family Law

A project in Emory University Law School (Atlanta, Georgia, US) to assess the implementation of Islamic family law in Muslim and non-Muslim environments with a view to encouraging reform. Includes surveys, case studies, and thematic studies.

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A collection of Muslim sources, rulings and opinions covering religious, personal, medical and financial subjects.

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Assembly of Muslim Jurists in America

A not-for-profit organization of Muslim jurists and scholars, seeking to issue and clarify rulings of Shar'iah (Islamic Law) concerning issues affecting Muslims in the US. Also offers training in juristic fields. [Arabic and English]

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