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Passport to Paradise

An online exhibition (organized by UCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural History, Los Angeles, US) celebrating the art of the Mourides, a Sufi movement originating in Senegal. Includes information on the order and education resources.

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Muslim Film Festival

Annual event in California, US, supporting and developing Muslim independent films and professionals. Information about the event, press cuttings, and resource listings.

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Islamic and Arabic Cross-stitch

Offers several cross-stitch patterns based on Arabic calligraphy, mainly Islamic phrases (includes free samples). Includes links and a forum.

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Islamic Amulets

Biddington's photo-interview with a private collector of antique Muslim carved amulets and talismans who discusses their historical context and devotional purpose.

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Contemporary Muslim Expressions

A collection of Muslim convert Saabirah's calligraphic renderings of holy text; also includes samples of her other art work.

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