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Virgin Mary (29)
Saints Mark and Marcellian (1)
Saints Maris, Martha, Audifax, and Abachum (1)
Saints Marcellinus and Peter (2)
Saint Mura (1)
Saint Moses the Black (2)
Saint Monica (7)
Saint Monegundis (2)
Saint Miltiades (3)
Saint Michael the Archangel (9)
Saint Metrophanes (1)
Saint Methodius of Olympus (6)
Saint Methodius of Constantinople (2)
Saint Methodius (3)
Saint Menas (4)
Saint Mellitus (2)
Saint Melito of Sardis (3)
Saint Meletius of Antioch (1)
Saint Melania the Younger (3)
Saint Melania the Elder (2)
Saint Medard (3)
Saint Maximus the Confessor (2)
Saint Maximus of Turin (1)
Saint Maximinus of Trèves (2)
Saint Maximilian of Tebessa (1)
Saint Maurus (2)
Saint Maurice (4)
Saint Matthias the Apostle (9)
Saint Matthew the Apostle (7)
Saint Matilda of Saxony (5)
Saint Mary of Egypt (4)
Saint Mary Magdalene (8)
Saint Maruthas (1)
Saint Martina (3)
Saint Martin of Tours (12)
Saint Martin of Braga (3)
Saint Martin I (6)
Saint Martial (2)
Saint Martha (5)
Saint Maro of Beit-Marun (3)
Saint Mark, Pope (3)
Saint Mark the Evangelist (9)
Saint Marius Aventicus (1)
Saint Margaret of Scotland (7)
Saint Margaret of Antioch (4)
Saint Marcellus I (3)
Saint Marcellinus, Pope (4)
Saint Marcellina (2)
Saint Maolruain (1)
Saint Manahen (2)
Saint Mamertus (1)
Saint Mamas (1)
Saint Malo (1)
Saint Magnus of Füssen (1)
Saint Maelrubha (1)
Saint Macrina the Younger (5)
Saint Macrina the Elder (3)
Saint Macarius the Younger (1)
Saint Macarius the Elder (2)
Saint Macarius of Jerusalem (2)
Saint Macarius of Antioch (0)


Catholic Encyclopedia: Maximilian

Brief profiles of three saints of this name: Maximilian of Antioch, Maximilian of Celeia, and Maximilian of Tebessa.

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Catholic Encyclopedia: Macarius

Article on two saints named Macarius, both fourth-century Egyptian monks: St. Macarius the Egyptian ("the Elder") and St. Macarius the Alexandrian ("the Younger").

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