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Yahoo Groups: Celtic and Old English Saints

Daily messages about the first millennium Saints of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Brittany, England, Cornwall, and Isle of Man.

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The Legends of the Saints: An Introduction to Hagiography

Full text of the 1907 edition of a book by Hippolyte Delehaye, about medieval hagiography. 517K

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The Golden Legend

A very popular medieval book of saints' lives, written between 1260 and 1275 by Jacobus de Voragine.

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Military Martyrs

Information on various soldier saints. Includes early martyrologies translated into English.

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Internet Medieval Sourcebook: Saints' Lives

Ancient, Byzantine, and medieval hagiographic original texts, in translation and otherwise, with basic data on the cult of saints, emphasis on historical understanding of the texts. [Note: the word "cult" is a technical term referring to the religious practices surrounding devotion to saints.]

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Catholic Encyclopedia: Legends of the Saints

The legenda are stories about the saints, and often include a mix of historical fact and unhistorical embellishments.

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