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The Catholic Youth Ring

Webring for Catholic youth around the world to get together and view each others' pages on the Net. This also provides opportunities to make new friendships or to discuss whatever.

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The Bread of Life Catholic Web Ring

Sites must be Catholic (any rite in communion with Rome) and faithful to the Church. Links from sites included must not oppose Church teaching.

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Catholics Around the Hemisphere Webring

The C.A.T.H. Webring is for sites that have some connection with Catholic doctine and principles, or at least are in accord with the Catholic faith.

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Catholic Justice and Peace Web Ring

Directs pilgrims along pathways of justice and peace. Sites devoted to the study, practice, and spirituality of the justice and peace teachings of the Catholic Church.

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Catholic Church Webring

For Catholic churches, dioceses, religious congregations, or individuals with pages about the Catholic Church and her teachings.

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