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Women of Faith

Non-denominational Christian women's conference. Details of conferences throughout 2004 and 2005, including speaker biographies.

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Veritas Forum

Discussion forum which raises and explores tough questions in an interactive format, held in college campuses throughout North America. Site features a schedule of upcoming forums and other general information.

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Spiritual Directions Workshops

Retreats and workshops looking at spirituality, prayer, journaling, and the life of Thomas Merton. Led by religious author Rev. Dan K. Phillips, hosted around the U.S. and Canada.

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Scottish Christian Noticeboard

Contains basic information about Christian events and conferences held around Scotland during 2002.

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Moody Conferences

Contains details for many different upcoming conferences. From the Moody Bible Institute.

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Regional prayer and fasting meetings around the US with teaching and training for pastors and leaders.

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Hot Hearts Student Conferences

Links to, and information about youth evangelism conferences held in various places around Texas and Arkansas, USA.

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FGC Gathering of Friends

The annual Gathering of liberal Quakers in the United States and Canada, this week-long event, organized by Friends General Conference happens at a different college campus each year.

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Contagious Christian Seminars

Features details about seminars presented by International Bible Society and the Willow Creek Association designed to enable your church to communicate their faith effectively and confidently.

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Cloud-Townsend Resources

Details about seminars to help people take control of their lives and apply Biblical boundaries in key relationships. Contains dates and details of the seminars around the US.

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