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Zen Buddhism Virtual Library

Excellent resource for information on teachers, schools, lineages, Zen names, Zen sutras and other writings.

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Ketsumyaku (Certificate of Affiliation to a Lineage)

Image of the traditional document given to Zen monks on the day of their ordination showing their entire lineage from Buddha Shakyamuni to themselves. This version is used by the Association Zen Internationale.

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International Research Institute for Zen Buddhism

An academic research institution devoted to the study of Zen Buddhism, serving the needs of researchers, students, teachers, and practitioners of Buddhism. 48.000 character Chinese character database. The IRIZ is located at the Rinzai-affiliated Hanazono University, Kyoto, Japan.

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Daily Zen

An aesthetic Zen haven with a humorous touch. Offers inspirational daily quotes, complimentary monthly e-journal, and an extensive collection of Buddhist-themed e-cards.

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Your Zen questions answered by a senior monk from Zen Mountain Monastery.

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