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The Sasana: A Refuge for the Skeptical Buddhist

A Buddhist community with respect for tradition, but that does not blindly accept the baggage of the centuries.

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Manjushri Buddhist Community

Buddhist history, teachings, way of life, and the locations of the Buddhist Dharma centers and temples.

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Kamat's Potpourri: Topics on Buddhism

Wide ranging topics from a biography of Buddha to Tibetan Buddhist refugees in India.

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Family Dharma Connections

Devoted to Buddhist families with children and others interested in sharing Dharma and Buddhism with children. Covers divorce, parenting, and short reviews of books about parenting from a Buddhist point of view.

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Dharma The Cat

Features Buddhist jokes and humor, with emphasis on cartoons depicting deeper concepts with associated commentaries.

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Blog about spiritual teachings and teachers (genuine and not), books, events, particularly focussed on Kagyu and other Tibetan traditions, special reference to Sydney and NSW.

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Buddhism Portal E-Sangha

Features directory, discussion forum, gallery, sutras and weblog.

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Buddha Dharma Education Association Inc

Offers an online Buddhist magazine, a worldwide directory of Buddhist centers, a library of ebooks, and a database of articles on Buddhism, including insight meditation, metta meditation, history, culture, and academic studies.

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Allspirit Buddhism

A selection of Buddhist writings from Thich Nhat Hanh, Ajahn Sumedho, Joseph Goldstein, and Dogen. Also Four Noble Truths and Noble Eightfold Path.

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