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World Religions in Art

An introduction to five major world religions, accompanied by photos of religious objects that are works of art. From the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

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The Weaving of the Crystal River

Visionary artwork and literature of meditation, contemplation, mysticism, and spiritual paths.

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Drawings, watercolors, oil paintings, and water sculptures including abstract surrealism by Nori Muster. Also features affirmation writings, and information on I Ching, as well as general information on the Hare Krishna movement, and book recommendations with links to ordering.

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Meditation Space

Project on meditating self and identity with religious, spiritual, and philosophical concepts, and empirical experience. A forum and research resources are provided.

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Galerie Sublimatio

The Transfigurative and Esoteric Art of A. Andrew Gonzalez

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Dan Aug

Artist from Uruguay combining Egyptian mysticism with the lore of our alien ancestors.

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Art of Joan Bredin Price

A gallery of paintings and prints of the Twenty One Taras paintings accompanied by corresponding verses of traditional prayers. Includes samples of the book and Lotus and Rose Tarot deck.

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