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Transpersonal Painter: James Woody

The online gallery of transpersonal artist, James Woody.

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Soul Portraits - Spiritual Paintings - Spiritual Readings | Sarah Schaleger

Artist Sarah Schaleger paints soul portraits and spiritual paintings, creating healing art to connect you to your soul and assist you in knowing your wholeness.

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A group of writers, musicians, artists and creative souls who have strong ties with psychotherapists, aromatherapists

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Since 1991 paradise2012 has been producing transcendental digital video designed to facilitate passage into shamanic states of being.

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Inner Vision Portraits: Remember who you are, celebrate what matters

Artist Pamela Moss paints unique "possibility portraits" that show who people are at heart and what's possible for them, their relationships, and their families. Includes Moss's free handbook, collage workshops, ebooks, etc.

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Energy Portraits

Energy Portraits by intuitive artist Leiah Bowden activate the soul's journey, aligning the multi-dimensional Self.

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Cressida's Transformations

Finding the truth about the self and the meaning of life through art. Everything on the site is free. Audio CD promoted - "The Role of Emotion in the Creation of Art".

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Camilo Villanueva - Painting of the Third Millennium

Through his paintings, Camilo Villanueva provides energy, invites us to dive and be transported, elevates that which is subtle and precipitates the tension, in deep spiritual messages of love and unity.

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