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Gestalt Therapy Forum at Behavior Online popular

A bulletin board nesting of discussion related to Gestalt therapy theory and practice.

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Victor Daniel's Gestalt Site at Sonoma State University

Provides course syllabus for his teaching, on-line links and resources in several categories, and a list of Gestalt practitioners in the western United States, many of whom are not online.

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The Gestalt Therapy Page

Includes a world-wide directory of Gestalt therapists, a Gestalt bibliography, a News and Notes listing of events, and articles on Gestalt therapy largely taken from the archives of The Gestalt Journal.

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The Association for the Advancement of Gestalt Therapy (AAGT).

Offers information about the origin and purpose of this international Gestalt therapy organization, including descriptions of current and former international conferences, by-laws, and a descriptive article outlining basic tenets of Gestalt therapy theory.

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Network for Research on Experiential Psychotherapies

Includes abstracts of research studies, descriptions of methodologies and instruments, and research-based therapy protocols

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International Gestalt Journal

Provides abstracts of past issues with subscription and contact information.

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Gstalt-L email discussion list

Provides a description of this listserv discussion group, which is an on-line community of Gestalt therapists, trainers, and trainees; includes a link to the archives of the list at St. Johns University.

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An electronic journal focused on Gestalt therapy theory, practice, and practitioners. Includes full text articles and graphics, with author and topical indexes.

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Gestalt Review

Edited by Joseph Melnick, Ph.D., this site offers titles and abstracts for all articles spanning seven years of publishing. It also provides full-text for various representative articles from several years.

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Gestalt Bookmarks

Offers links for Gestalt therapy-related sites organized by tenets in Gestalt therapy theory; includes listings for associations and training centers as well as for journals and discussion groups.

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Gestalt Australia & New Zealand (GANZ).

Offers information about this international organization serving largely the AustralAsian region of the world, but drawing on established Gestalt influences in Europe and North America.

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European Association for Gestalt Therapy

Describes the nature, activities, and associations of this professional association of Gestalt therapists, their writing, and their training activities as a multi-national organization serving Europe.

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British Gestalt Journal

The home of the British Gestalt Journal, with abstracts and subscription information. Edited by Malcolm Parlett, Ph.D.

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