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U.S. News: Truth and Consequenses

Article about "brain fingerprinting" being used to exonerate Terry Harrington of the murder of police captain John Schweer in 1977. [Full text requires payment]

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System using the VATS dial tone system for "brain fingerprinting" to set "illusory conditional reflexes".

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Register: Brain-scans Can Defeat Terrorism, InfoSeek Founder Claims

Steve Kirsch... reckons that the relevant technology companies could deliver a working system of brain fingerprinting databases and a companion retina scanning system for (supposedly anonymous) identification reference in something like ninety days' time.

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National Geographic: "Brain Fingerprints" May Offer Better Way to Detect Lying

As polygraphs become increasingly controversial, sparking a cottage industry on how to "beat" the test, scientists are hunting for new high-tech ways of solving the most ancient of human dilemmas: How do you tell if someone is lying?

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InFairfield: The Truth Detector

The day after Fairfield resident Larry Farwell gave a public lecture on his new "Brain Fingerprinting" technology, he found out he was wanted by the CIA. By Sally Peden.

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Identifying Terrorists Before They Strike

Paper by Steve Kirsch proposing the compilation of a "brain fingerprinting" database to identify terrorists before they strike.

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Farwell Brain Fingerprinting

Technology for crime investigation using to detect P300 brain wave responses to familiar sights by a suspect, by developer Dr. Larry Farwell.

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Center for an Informed America: Would You Mind If We Fingerprint Your Brain?

Editorial suggesting that "brain fingerprinting" technology would be used to the detriment of the people by Dave McGowan.

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Brain Fingerprints Under Scrutiny

"A controversial technique for identifying a criminal mind is about to take centre stage in a last-chance court appeal." [BBC]

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