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Human Nature Review

A publication focusing on different aspects of human nature. Includes online copies of the articles, related news and book reviews.

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Global Brain

The first book to make a strong, solidly backed, and theoretically-original case that we do not live the lonely lives of selfish beings driven by selfish genes, but are parts of a larger whole. An attractive site containing a great deal of thought-provoking material.

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Evolutionary Psychology: The Ultimate Origins of Human Behavior

Online text by Jack and Linda Palmer on evolutionary aspects of human behavior in contexts such as mate selection and the development and maintenance of social hierarchies. Topics include human origins, evolution of the brain and mind, language, tool use and art, and challenges of the modern environment.

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Evolution's Arrow by John Stewart

Psychological evolution - examines how humans are evolving psychologically, the next step becoming a self-evolving organism whose adaptability is not limited by its biological and social past.

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On evolutionary psychology, Freud, and consciousness.

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