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Society of Biological Psychiatry popular

Professional association supports research in medical psychiatry with humanitarian, emotional, psychological, and socio-cultural orientation. Publishes the journal "Biological Psychiatry." Founded 1945.

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Wave-Guide: Biopsychological Effects of EMF/RFR Radiation

Impacts of low-level electromagnetic fields and radio-frequency radiation on neurochemistry, immune system function, endocrinology, memory and attention, visual reaction time, and other body/brain systems. Research summary compiled by Sage Associates.

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Institute of Biocognitive Psychology

Theory of biocognition views consciousness as inseparable fabric of mind, body, and culture of origin. Founded by Dr. Mario E. Martinez. Speaking schedule, and informational products for sale.

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Emotion and Memory Systems Laboratory - Stephen Maren, Ph.D.

Fear, conditioned learning behavior, and the neurophysiology of the amygdala. Research summaries, related links. Rat behavior animation.

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