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Western Michigan University: Doctoral Programs in Applied and Experimental Analysis of Behavior

The Experimental Analysis of Behavior Doctoral Program is designed to prepare students for a career in research or college teaching. Students in this program spend much of their time engaging in research with the support of faculty mentors. Research interests of faculty in the program include behavioral pharmacology, learning processes, and verbal behavior.

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University of Nevada's Psychology Department

UNR Psychology Department has had a long history in behavior analysis beginning with Willard F. Day who founded and edited the journal Behaviorism here.

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University of Maryland, Baltimore County

The UMBC program for training applied behavior analysts will be responsive to the increasing call for such services and fills a gap in the availability of such programs in the mid-Atlantic region. The UMBC Psychology Department will be developing and maintaining this program together with the Behavioral Psychology Department at the Kennedy-Krieger Institute.

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University of Florida Department of Psychology

The area of Experimental Analysis of Behavior (EAB) functions within the Department of Psychology to provide instruction and training, and to conduct research. Students are offered instruction and mentorship from faculty and affiliated faculty, and may choose to emphasize programs of study and research in various areas of behavior analysis including behavioral pharmacology, choice, developmental disabilities, behavioral medicine, and instructional technology, among others. Research laboratories are located both on and off campus and involve applied and basic research with humans and nonhumans.

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St. Cloud State University: Masters in Applied Behavior Analysis

The Master of Science in applied psychology: behavior analysis program offers academic and professional training in applied behavior analysis, with applications in areas such as developmental disabilities, behavior therapy, addictive behavior, behavioral pharmacology, health psychology, organizational behavior analysis, or the experimental analysis of behavior.

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Florida Institute of Technology, Applied Behavior Analysis Master's Program

Prepares graduates for employment as Certified Behavior Analysts in private, community, and state agencies. The 48 semester credit hour program can be taken on a full- or part-time basis.

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Experimental Analysis of Behavior graduate program at UCSD

The Ph. D. graduate program at the University of California, San Diego trains behavior analysts for careers in both the experimental analysis of behavior and in applied behavior analysis. The program emphasizes individual research.

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Behavior Analysis Training System

Home of BATS. The academic program headed by Dr. Malott at Western Michigan University that focuses on the training and development of Behavior Analysts.

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Behavior Analysis Graduate Program at California State University, Stanislaus

Offers a Masters of Science Degree in Behavior Analysis. 52 unit program has courses in Behavioral Assessment, Conceptual Issues in Behavior Analysis, Experimental Analysis of Behavior, Behavior Analysis in the Classroom, Child Clinical and others. There are several paid internships available. The Behavior Analysis program has 5 tenured faculty who earned their PhD degrees from well known behavioral departments (Western Michigan University, SUNY at Stonybrook and West Virginia University). Applications are accepted twice per academic year.

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Behavior Analysis Dept., U. of North Texas

Masters program. Preparation for work in schools, universities, human service settings, business and industry, and government agencies. Clients range from children with autism, to students with academic skills deficits, to entire companies that are having employee performance problems.

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Behavior Analysis at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

UWM offers an MS specialization in behavior analysis as well as a Ph.D. with a concentration in conditioning and learning. The behavior analytic faculty include: Alan Baron, Marshall Dermer, Jay Moore, and Douglas Woods. The department provides assistantships for doctoral students.

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Behavior Analysis & Therapy Program, Southern Illinois University

Devoted to empirically-based development and application of learning principles to human needs that arise from developmental, psychological, social, or medical disabilities. The graduate of the program is prepared to assess the needs of individuals, assist those individuals in acquiring skills to maximize their capabilities, evaluate effectiveness of interventions, and teach other service providers techniques for assessment, training, and evaluation.

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