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Prophetic Dreams and Visions popular

From George Washington to 2005, this site has an extensive list of prophetic dreams and visions relating to America.

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Apocalypse and Millennium: Prophecy and Conspiracy Updates popular

Millennium expectations for transformation, alien revelation, apocalyptic changes, omens and signs in the heavens, comets and asteroids, and Nostradamus and Bible prophecy.

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Prophecies on the End of the Millennium

Page of prophecies with predictions for 1999-2000, including earth changes and various famous prophets (Nostradamus, Alois Irlmaier); translations not generally found in English.

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George Dreams Psychic Dreams

Prophetic dream page that covers several topics, with predictions from 1994 to 2002. Includes earth change maps and a map showing where the majority of changes were expected to occur in the USA.

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