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Why Time is Absolute, and Relative, But Never Universal

Article by Vincent Sauv elaborating upon a materialist view of the absolute and relative nature of time.

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Solving Einstein's Equations in Three Dimensions

Mathematica notebook showing how to plot light cones in two plus one spacetime dimensions with a point mass. By Patricia Schwarz.

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Inertia Manipulation Through Metric Patching

E-print which presents the exact solution for the stress-energy tensor of a spherical matter shell of finite thickness that will patch together different metrics at the boundaries of the shell. By David Waite.

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Gravitomagnetic Effects

Introductory article by Gerhard Schfer (Jena University) about the ways that rotating bodies affect spacetime (and hence the propagation of light and particles in free fall) in their vicinity.

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Are There Pictorial Examples of Covariant and Contravariant Vectors?

Present pictorial means of distinguishing contravariant vectors (or simply vectors) from covariant vectors (or linear forms). By Bernard Jancewicz (University of Wroclaw).

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