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Visualization of Quantum Scattering

Animation of 3-dimensional quantum scattering of a neutron off an aluminum target.

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Addresses the phenomenon of quantum tunneling. Presents animations of the scattering of a particle from two-dimensional potential barriers and wells, as well as from barriers with slits.

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Time Development of Quantum Mechanical Systems

This document presents the results of the solution of the time dependent Schrodinger equation for one- and two dimensional one particle systems. Simulation results for different V(r) potentials are displayed as images and animation. The program to calculate the images is also available.

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The Loschmidt Echo Homepage

Introduction to the Loschmidt echo, also known as fidelity. Contains animations of the time evolution of a wave packet in the Lorentz gas and in the "smooth" stadium billiard.

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Concise introduction to scattering in classical and quantum mechanics. Special attention is devoted to the Ramsauer scattering.

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Quantum Scattering Theory and Applications

A brief introduction to quantum scattering as well as a full-text Ph.D. thesis from Adam Lupu-Sax.

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Quantum Mechanical Scattering

This JAVA applet integrates the Schrdinger wave equation and produces an animated wave packet.

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