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The Siglo Series Software

A set of tools designed for the simulation of non thermal plasmas where the degree of ionization is typically less than 10^-4. These models can be used as research tools in discharge and plasma physics.

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R.D.Cowan's RCN code

WWW interface to the widely used atomic structure package written by Robert D. Cowan from LANL. URL From: Plasma Laboratory of Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel.

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Plasma Simulation Projects at University of Michigan

Projects on numerical plasma simulation, including HPEM code and Feature Profile code, developed at the Computational Plasma Science and Engineering Group at the University of Michigan.

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Particle-in-cell Techniques

A one-dimensional, electrostatic Particle-in-cell code in spherical geometry by Helen Smith.

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2D particle-in-cell plasma physics simulation software. Works for x-y (slab) and r-z (cylindrical) geometries. Enables simulation of low-to-moderate density plasmas, beams of charged particles, low-to-moderate density neutral gases, and a variety of boundary conditions.

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A 3D (as well as 2D and 1D) electromagnetic code developed by Mission Research Corporation for large-scale electromagnetic plasma simulations using the particle-in-cell method. The code runs on parallel as well as serial computers.

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Kinema Research and Software

Plasma simulation software, products and services.

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Hybrid Plasma Equipment Model (HPEM)

Code developed by prof. M.J. Kushner and his group for 2D numerical simulation of reactive ion etching reactors.

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Comprehensive fluid dynamics software package that also includes a plasma simulation module.

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Many particle plasma codes for bounded plasmas, PIC computer experiments with Monte Carlo collisions. All for desktop computing and complete with graphics. Downloadable via anonymous ftp. Developed at the Plasma Theory and Simulation Group, University of California at Berkeley, US.

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The magnetic fusion simulation code and a prototype for an integrated simulation that would solve models for all aspects of tokamak operations.

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