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Comedy Hypnotist Don Barnhart Brings Hilarity To Laughlin Laugh Festival, 10/4-5 - Broadway World

Just back from entertaining the troops in the Middle East, comedy hypnotist Don Barnhart will turn the audience into the stars of the show Oct 4th-5th at The Laughlin Laugh Festival. Beginning Oct 3-5th, comedy hypnotist Don Barnhart will perform with ...

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AUBURN | The Hilton Garden Inn will be possessed by all manner of paranormal ... - Auburn Citizen

The Upstate Paranormal Society has booked the hotel full of ghost-hunting groups, psychics, UFO investigators and other tradespeople of the transmundane for the weekend event. Chairman and UPS co-founder Steve Brewer was among the members of a ...

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A local ghost story for young adults - Pueblo Chieftain

“The Ghost Sisters and the Girl in Hallway B” is about Kat and Marie Bench, who love ghosts and the supernatural and who discover that a ghost haunts their middle school. The ghost girl cries, slams lockers and leaves mysterious messages as floors ...

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"They" Live; "They" Rule - Truth-Out

The extraterrestrials colonize America and the Earth, dismantling the nation in the name of "the free market." They speak in hushed tones to one another through small radios installed in Rolex watches that symbolize their elevated status while ...

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The real story of the Scottish vote - Worcester Telegram

... you need a really good reason. Scottish nationalism did not trump economic interests. It got England's attention, but in the end, the Union Jack continues to fly from one end of the British Isles to the other, except, of course, where my other kin ...

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Ghost hunters seek the spirits at Gainesville Library - Access North Georgia

GAINESVILLE - Another Ghost Hunting 101, and a ghost hunt, is set for the Hall County Library's downtown Gainesville branch two weeks from now. Library assistant Gabriele Koecher said the 20-person application list filled up quickly. “We do not have ...

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Garlic chives: Ornamental, tasty, sometimes weedy - Nashua Telegraph

There is one definitely weedy member in this family, wild garlic, but many other kin are valuable garden plants. Star-of-Persia, giant onion and lily leek are among those that light up flower gardens with star bursts of blossoms. And the wide, purple ...

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Yesterday Into Today: Erich von Daniken - The Independent

Water bottles in hand in anticipation of the heat that by midday would climb to between 105-110 degrees, they eagerly awaited the keynote speaker, Erich von Daniken, the author of Chariots of the Gods plus 53 other books on extraterrestrial visitation.

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UFO Religion Wants to Hand Out Pamphlets at Florida Schools Now Too - New Times Broward-Palm Beach (

Vorilhon claims that he was visited by such extraterrestrials in 1974. These beings, he says, gave him the task to spread their message to the world. Since then, Vorilhon changed his name to Rael and is now head of a worldwide movement that has ...

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Theologians gather to honor O'Meara, discuss ecclesiology - National Catholic Reporter

... author of more than 200 publications, O'Meara has written or edited 15 books on topics as diverse as the theology of Thomas Aquinas, ecclesiology, the theology of the Paul Tillich, and Christian revelation in light of the possible existence of ...

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Public Schools, Please Stop it With the Religious Propaganda -

The Raelians, in case you were unaware, are a UFO cult who think that extraterrestrials created humanity. And they want to provide literature about their, um, organization, in these Florida public schools. According to leader Rael, the group thinks ...

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