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A Beginner's Guide To Vietnamese Ghosts - Huffington Post

Vietnamese ghosts aren't that scary as long as you know what it is that they want. If it isn't staying dead then there's probably a reason, and all you have to do is give the ghost the thing that it's seeking --revenge, redemption, a resolution. Back ...

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Call of Duty: Ghosts Extinction trailer teases trouble in Episode 2, 'Mayday' - Polygon popular

A new trailer for the second episode of Call of Duty: Ghosts' content for Extinction Mode, "Mayday," reveals that all is not well for the Quick Reaction Force team. Extinction's first episode, "Nightfall," followed the four-man team to a remote ...

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A Melancholy Short Film About an Elusive London Monster - io9 popular

One of the fascinating things about this movie is the way Rowson offers us a skeptic's view of cryptozoology, but also mourns the loss of imagination that skepticism brings. There's also a well-observed set of causal connections between each person's ...

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UFO sightings light up Texas skies, websites -

They watch a video lecture by Jim Marrs, author of the "Alien Agenda: The untold story of Extraterrestrials Among Us." UFO footage shot by Mauricio Ruiz is shown during the Texas episode of "Chasing UFOs. Photo By Mauricio Ruiz. UFO footage shot by ...

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The Age of Maximum Cassowary - Scientific American (blog)

Through the kind efforts of wikicass and the World Authority Cryptozoology Kinship Organisation, we illegally obtained these images and – by working things out from the vegetation in the background – calculated the heights of the cassowaries in the ...

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Tantalizing 'Ghost' never fully takes shape - Charlotte Observer

At one moment, sassy psychic Oda Mae Brown (Carla R. Stewart) is strutting through the flashy “I'm Outta Here.” Five minutes later, we're supposed to tremble with anxiety as the ghostly Sam (Steven Grant Douglas) tries to prevent Molly (Katie Postotnik ...

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Overheard conversation, psychic sources of latest missing woman information - WGAL Lancaster

... of Kourtne Stouffer, missing for over two years, has prompted an online petition for authorities to search Memorial Lake. The woman says she consulted a psychic about the location of Stouffer's body and overheard a conversation from possible suspects.

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Magician, hypnotist meets USD students - USD Volante Online

“I used magic as a way to make friends,” Jones, the magician who performed Monday night at Aalfs Auditorium said. Originally, Jones went to school for recreational therapy, but now performs at colleges across the country. “It's probably the best thing ...

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