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'Cell Block Psychic' TV Show Is 'Abhorrent' To Those Who Work With Victims - Huffington Post

A new TV series featuring a psychic who allegedly talks to spirits connected with convicted murderers and crime victims is coming under fire from those who work with their grieving families. "Cell Block Psychic" features Maine-based medium Vicki Monroe ...

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Young North Alabama author will present paranormal novels at Alabama Book ... -

“The series follows Rayna Stone, an 18-year-old girl from Alabama, as she deals with growing up, developing paranormal powers, and using those powers to conquer an evil supernatural being from destroying her world and possibly ours,” said Porter.

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Who's hypnotizing Eric Young Jr.? - SB Nation

During the offseason, Eric Young, Jr. turned to a Phoenix-area hypnotherapist for help. That's not the #LOLMets part.  Tweet Share on Twitter Share Share on Facebook  Share Share on Google Plus 4 Comments. The baseball season is long, the New ...

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Where The Hell Did This Ghost Car Come From??? - Jalopnik

Russia is a scary place, full of vodka, krokodil, and banyas. But none of those things can explain the mysterious appearance of a random car, as it seems to materialize out of thin air. Is it actually a ghost? A remnant from the Philadelphia Experiment?

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Video: Kilmarnock psychic shop claims it is haunted - Scottish Daily Record

But the Psychic Shop in Kilmarnock's Bellfield... is haunted. Owner Sharon Short, claims that paranormal activity has been taking place and she's now looking into having paranormal investigations carried out over the next few weeks. She said when she ...

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Unmet Needs: Living With Mental Illness In Central Illinois - WUIS 91.9

Over the last few years, he says he's talked with gods, demons, angels, and ghosts, and has had visits from extraterrestrials. “Now I believe that I hear from the voice of God himself, and I believe that he got me to stop smoking and he's been getting ...

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TxDOT removes some ghost bikes for safety - KVUE

AUSTIN -- You may have seen a bicycle painted all white sitting silently next to a busy road or highway. The white bikes are called ghost bikes. Ghost bikes are real bicycles that serve as a memorial, marking the spot where a cyclist was killed. There ...

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The Office Stare Machine charts the full range of human emotion, directly to ... - A.V. Club DC

It's a map of the human heart, mind, and soul that could someday teach visiting extraterrestrials how the office drones of the early 21st century showed happiness, fear, sadness, and even obscure emotional states like “woolly” (the last of which ...

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Suspiciously Lovable 'Ghost Photographs' Will Haunt Your Dreams - Huffington Post

This odd space of in-betweenness is the inspiration for one of the cutest and most terrifying photo projects we've seen in a while: Angela Deane's "Ghost Photographs." How can memories that don't belong to you feel so familiar? Can we acquire memories ...

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South Korean Ferry Capsizes; 9 Confirmed Dead while Almost 300 Passengers ... - TravelersToday

Parents and other kin of the missing passengers flocked at a South Korean port in Jindo as the search continues. Most of them expressed disappointment over the misleading update that circulated prior to the sinking. "If I could teach myself to dive, I ...

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Reality Bites: Diners, Drive-Ins And Dives - Houston Press (blog)

Fieri looks like the picture NASA put on Voyager I to illustrate the term "douche canoe" to extraterrestrials (or so I assume). Every one of his books contains multiple references to the mystical "Flavortown" (which I'm told is *not* the second sequel ...

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Psychic Richard J. West Pens THE RELUCTANT PSYCHIC - Broadway World

Author Richard J. West says he never wanted to be a psychic. He tried for many years to ignore the voices he heard and the gentle prods he received from a higher place. In his new book, "The Reluctant Psychic" (published by AuthorHouse), West discusses ...

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