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David Farrier meets psychic comedian Ian D Montford - 3News NZ

Binns has brought the character to New Zealand for this year's Comedy Festival and while the set is full of humour about the ridiculous nature of many psychics, he can also pull of being a pretty convincing psychic. I saw him perform last year (read ...

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Ask Your Science Teacher: An explanation for conspiracy theories - La Crosse Tribune

If high officials or powerful organizations can carry off one conspiracy, such as the JFK murder, then it is easier for the mind to slide into a belief that extraterrestrials are living among us and the government is covering it up. Or that man never ...

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'You're feeling sleepy': Hypnotist comes to Montrose for comedy night - Montrose Daily Press

Laff Inn Comedy Night will begin its summer series May 3 with hypnotist James Zingelman. A stand-up comedian since the 1980s, Zingelman has appeared on A&E's “An Evening at the Improv,” “Comedy On the Road” and “The Dennis Miller Show” and has ...

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'Ghost' Rushes Through Fans At Bolivian Football Stadium During Match (VIDEO) - Huffington Post UK

The information accompanying the spirit album states that the table is levitating - in reality the image of a ghostly arm has been superimposed over the table-stand through double exposure. Hope's spirit album photographs use multiple exposure ...

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Witchcraft on the West Side - NEWS.GNOM.ES

I had just learned the reason for the strange feelings and sounds in my prewar apartment on the Upper West Side: The previous resident, a young, handsome doctor, had committed suicide there. Lost in thought in the West 80s, I passed a small witchcraft ...

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Spoon-Bending Psychic Uri Geller Is Face of Israeli 'Be Prepared' Campaign - Jewish Daily Forward

Celebrity psychic Uri Geller is the beaming new face of Israeli disaster-readiness, starring in army-sponsored TV and Internet advertisements on how to take shelter from missile attacks or earthquakes. Launched on Wednesday, the campaign marks Geller's ...

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Popular hypnotist to perform Sunday in Hoopster fundraiser - Holyoke Enterprise

Students, faculty and community members at large will be asked to be participants in hypnotist Frederick Winters' show in Holyoke Sunday, April 6 at 6:30 p.m. in the HHS auditorium. Dragon Hoopsters are bringing Winters to town for a fun fundraiser ...

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Loch Ness Monster on Apple Maps? Why Satellite Images Fool Us - Yahoo News

[Rumor or Reality: The 10 Creatures of Cryptozoology]. So if the latest Loch Ness monster photo turned out to simply be a boat, why did it look so mysterious? Why satellite images mislead. While early proclamations of Nessie having been found by a ...

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