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Curious History: U.S. Presidents Believe in the Existence of UFOs - The Epoch Times

Conspiracy theorists have claimed for decades that the U.S. government has been hiding evidence that extraterrestrials (E.T.s) and their vehicles have been visiting Earth and partaking in other dubious acts. However, many Presidents themselves may have ...

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Court fines son-in-law for witchcraft accusations - Zambia Daily Mail

The court further heard that Mwanza's child at one time got burnt and he later started accusing Chinza of causing the burning using witchcraft. Chinza's witness Aaron, who is her son, also testified that Mwanza is a problem and likes insulting his ...

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Bulgaria court to sit on witchcraft trial - Focus News

Bulgaria court to sit on witchcraft trial. 12 May 2014 | 11:04 | FOCUS News Agency. Picture: Focus Information AgencyBulgaria court to sit on witchcraft trial. Bulgaria court to sit on witchcraft trial Picture: Focus Information Agency. Pazardzhik ...

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'Witchcraft is no stranger than pigeon racing' - News & Star

Witchcraft has been revived since the 1950s and it has grown very rapidly in popularity. People are looking for more engagement in the natural world. A lot of the ecological crises have supported that. Witchcraft is the spiritual side of the political ...

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Yowies, ghosts and UFOS at Maitland Gaol for Paracon 2014 - Newcastle Herald

Scientists insist there is no proven evidence for either while some ''cryptozoology'' experts will try to convince you otherwise. Reported sightings of such mythical beasts over the past 200 years have kept the debate alive that they might be out there.

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Watch terrifying revenge prank as friend tries to escape from "ghost" that ... -

At first the passenger thinks it's a joke but then when he turns the lights of the car on, a ghostly figure has appeared at the front of the car that looks like something from The Ring. But then, as the passenger reacts to that horror, another ghostly ...

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Watch Julianne Moore Fret About The Paranormal In A 'Mysteries Of The ... - Huffington Post

If you were remotely interested in the paranormal between the years of 1987 and 1991, you probably recall the popular Time-Life Books series "Mysteries of the Unknown." What you might not remember is that time Julianne Moore starred in one of the ...

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Romance, Suspense, Paranormal? Yes, Please - Everyday ebook

In Virna DePaul's new novel, Turned, we meet Eliana Maria Garcia. Eliana grew up on the hard streets of New York. Her mother cared only for herself while Eliana and her little sister, Gloria, tried to survive. "Back in the Bronx, Eliana's weapons of ...

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Man terrifies friend with hilarious ghost prank - Metro

When Cenek, one half of Czech duo ViralBrothers, was plied with sleeping pills and had his bed moved to Prague's Old Town Square, he vowed to take revenge. And he caught the moment on camera, obviously. The pair are driving in the car when Cenek ...

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Maitland Gaol host to paranormal experts - The Maitland Mercury

Lorn man Richmond Ropata, a paranormal investigator with West Sydney Paranormal Research, said television shows from his childhood and heavy metal bands from his teenage years encouraged his interest in paranormal activity. He then turned to ...

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Does A Ghost Drag This Guy Across The Hall? (VIDEO) - Huffington Post

In our opinion, it's probably fake, but maybe we're just acting according to the wishes of our new ghost overlords who are not ready to reveal themselves to the public yet. We love you ghost overlords! Great hallway dragging! Like Us On Facebook ...

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