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Psychic Sally Dies Onstage - Ghost Theory

One aspect of the show is that audience members can submit photographs of dead loved ones, in the hope that Sally will select theirs, and give a psychic reading from it. Sally pulled out of a box on stage one of these pictures. She held the picture up ...

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Pharmakeia - Taking Workout Supplements a Form of Witchcraft? - American Live Wire

I asked him what it was and he explained that it is a form of witchcraft or sorcery. I personally took his word at face value and did not think much of it. The panic continued and I was in serious bondage. I began to research bondage and what causes ...

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Paranormal activity, ghostly brides and a vanishing hitchhiker: Haunting tales ... - The Daily Teleg

A hitchhiking ghost, a haunted ambulance station and a strange apparition that appears at Jenny Dixon Beach are just a few of the eerie tales reported by Central Coast residents. Like every community, stories of weird unexplained happenings persist in ...

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Ghost Stories -

Coldplay's sixth album is called Ghost Stories, and there's a blond phantom obviously haunting its nine tracks. The record comes just two months after Martin and his wife of a decade, Gwyneth Paltrow, announced their "conscious uncoupling" – outwardly ...

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Coldplay, 'Ghost Stories' - Boston Globe

Even without headlines for assistance, it would be clear that “Ghost Stories” is a breakup album. But if surveying romantic wreckage through the rearview mirror usually involves several stages, for this album, the band, and particularly frontman Chris ...

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Coldplay's Ghost Stories Review: Chris Martin's Split with Gwyneth Paltrow ... - People Magazine

Right from the start you can hear the ghosts of their relationship. Amid the moody atmosphere of vibe-setting opener "Always in My Head," Martin confesses, "I think of you, I haven't slept / I think I do but I don't forget / My body moves, goes where I ...

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Coldplay's Ghost Stories becomes the fastest selling album of 2014! - Official Charts Company

Ghost Stories, which was released yesterday (May 19), has racked up in excess of 82,000 sales on its opening day, overtaking previous record holder, Paolo Nutini's Caustic Love, which had sold 44,000 at this early stage. The rapid start puts the UK ...

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Coldplay's 'GhostStories' has been likened to"Gwyneth Paltrow's urine" - FasterLouder

Coldplay 's new album Ghost Stories finally drops today, and the reception from global music critics has been somewhat polarising. While Billboard gave the album an 85 (out of 100), describing it as “Coldplay rejecting its inner Coldplay-ness ...

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Coldplay's 'Ghost Stories' out today - The Courier-Journal

I consciously uncoupled from Coldplay around nine years ago, when “X&Y” came out. It was around then that the once lovable pop band turned into a juggernaut of world-saving pretentiousness, becoming so politicized that Chris Martin and company became ...

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