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Does virtual violence kill a soul? - Jackson Clarion Ledger

Somewhere along the line imaginary extraterrestrials inching across a screen lost credence as targets, however, and faster-paced, realistic games started providing potential human victims. Notably, as I witnessed, police officers. Over the years ...

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Creationism and racism - ScienceBlogs (blog)

Students in another district spend two days watching what lesson plans describe a “the historic documentary Ancient Aliens,” which presents “a new interpretation of angelic beings described as extraterrestrials.” Would you believe that they also teach ...

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Chinese Physicists Build "Ghost" Cloaking Device - MIT Technology Review

Illusion cloaks that make one object look like another are a fascinating type of invisibility device. The general idea is that such a device would make an apple look like a banana or a fighter plane look like an airliner. Clearly this would have ...

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Butte historical officials trying to preserve ghost signs - KTVQ Billings News

Or, for $10,000 to $15,000 the ghost signs could be repainted. "There are professionals that specialize in that field of very gently kind of cleaning and repainting the signs," says Jarvis. A third option is to have them touched up with a protective ...

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Astronomer and former skeptic now avid night vision UFO skywatcher -

... submitting date and time stamped written testimony of UFO dreams before videotaping such incidents the following day invoke the role of precognition in human experience as a probable mechanism of non-physical human contact with extraterrestrials.” ...

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A Taos ghost story? - taosnews (blog)

I found out today (Jan. 21) that something unusual happened last weekend at Moby Dickens Bookshop on Bent Street. Apparently at some point on Friday evening (Jan. 18) a book titled “Started Early, Took My Dog” by Kate Atkinson inexplicably fell off a ...

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'Psychic' favourites Ghana begin Africa Cup quest - AFP

PORT ELIZABETH, South Africa — Ghana, picked by psychics in South Africa to win the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations, kick off their campaign Sunday against DR Congo, a side never far from confusion and controversy. The Black Stars have won this competition ...

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Margo Dill: Author's ghost story is a page turner - Champaign/Urbana News-Gazette

Helen Dunmore is an accomplished writer of both adult and children's books. Her latest literary contribution is "The Greatcoat," a ghost story (for adults) set both in Great Britain in World War II and in 1952. She handles the plot and the characters ...

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Highest officials distrust, yet renew, police image - Philippine Star

The PNP-Region 4A intelligence deputy who had led the checkpoint snubbed the probers, while constantly giving press interviews. This, in spite of findings that one of the felled cousins had charged him with killing six other kin in nearby Laguna ...

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Ghost town fears - Aberdeen Press and Journal

Leo Koot, managing director of Taqa Bratani, previously said he was so embarrassed by Union Street that he refused to take executives into the city centre and that, without a change in culture, the city could become a “ghost town”. Speaking after last ...

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Ghost net 'junk' a major Pacific challenge - Radio Australia

They are called ghost nets, and they also cause substantial damaged to the reefs and coasts they are swept up on. Getting rid of them is a full time job for maritime organisations, like America's National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration.

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