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Maggie Meyer's BIG FOOT ADVENTURES DOWN UNDER Now Available - Broadway World

In light of these fascinating occurrences, author Maggie Meyer, with Joan Small, have blended cryptozoology, paleontology and fantasy to craft an exciting tale of Big Foot Adventures Down Under. When a surfer teen takes up his father's search for the ...

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In Neighbors, the humour is out there - The National

In the fun spirit of previously popular sci-fi sitcoms such as ALF, My Favorite Martian, Mork & Mindy and 3rd Rock from the Sun, Fogelman tones down the creepy aspects of the extraterrestrials - no chrome fangs or acid blood here - as he renders them ...

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Future foretold at psychic fair - Northern Star

All have the chance to find out what 2013 may bring, said Jazmin, from the range of tarot readers, psychics, astrologers, feng shui practitioners, palm readers and other mediums who will be working the fair. "It's a way of getting answers for yourself ...

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In my last post, I discussed how a growing body of theologians and Christian scholars have come to suspect that the massive falling away predicted in biblical prophecy could be connected to an extraterrestrial disclosure event. NewsWithViews is on the ...

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'Star Trek' Prototype Tractor Beam Developed By Scientists - Huffington Post

Richard Nixon (R) became part of UFO folklore when he allegedly took comedian Jackie Gleason to Homestead Air Force Base in Florida in 1974 and showed him wreckage of a flying saucer as well as the remains of several extraterrestrials. The story was ...

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PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 hits DVD and Blu-ray next Tuesday, but you can snag a copy, as well as a prize pack bursting with swag for free right now. When Katie disappeared with her nephew Hunter, there were no survivors. Five years later she's returned ...

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Weekend Planner: Evening with a Psychic Medium -

Article. article[new_asset_attachment_attributes][user_id]. new_asset_attachment_attributes. An Evening with Psychic Medium Robert E. Hansen. Have an enjoyable and informative afternoon with psychic medium and intuitive counselor Robert. E Hansen.

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Thailand to Avoid Currency Fight as Shadow of 1997 Crisis Looms - Bloomberg

Thailand to Avoid Currency War as Ghost of 1997 Crisis Looms. By Daniel Ten Kate & Yumi Teso - 2013-01-25T02:42:00Z. Thailand's Finance Minister Kittiratt Na-Ranong said the central bank should avoid fighting market forces to stem currency gains, ...

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Queer Illustrator Nicole Georges's Undead Father, Psychic Connections, and ... - SheWired

Two decades later, on a trip to visit a psychic with her girlfriend, the psychic tells Georges that her father is alive and well. Georges's older sister confirms the psychic's proclamation and admits that Georges's mother and two sisters have been ...

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