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Is a Friendly Ghost Haunting the Home of a Citrus Heights Elvis Impersonator? -

A Casper Haunting is a ghost haunting in which no malice is shown "to the owner of the establishment or the occupants." A family in Citrus Heights believes they are experiencing such a haunting, according to The home belongs to an ...

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Internet freedom and the ghost of Aaron Swartz - (subscription)

Ben Winkler, a long-time friend, speaks during the memorial service for Aaron Swartz, Saturday, Jan. 19, 2013 in New York. Friends and supporters of Swartz paid tribute Saturday to the free-information activist and online prodigy, who killed himself ...

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In the cards - Asbury Park Press

And then I learned that psychics don't give receipts, a discussion I'll undoubtedly have with the bean counters upon my return. Page. Previous. 1; 2. Next. Stephen Edelson: sedelson@; Twitter: SteveEdelsonAPP. Tweet. Email; Print ...

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Ghost car emerges from Queensland storm foam - The Daily Telegraph

Ghost car emerges from Queensland storm foam. by: Kate Kyriacou; From: The Courier-Mail; January 28, 2013 2:16PM. Increase Text Size · Decrease Text Size · Print · Email · Share · Add to Digg · Add to · Add to Facebook · Add to Kwoff · Add ...

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Daily Five: Hypnotist is Back, Slippery Roads (Be Careful!) and Celebrating ... -

1. Here's the story on the weather: it's a messy winter day! By 1 p.m., expect to begin seeing snow, sleet, rain …yuk. It will be very slippery on the roads so PLEASE be carful driving. 2. Tonight at 7 p.m., local hypnotist and comedian Jim Spinnato ...

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Campus ghost stories: A new candidate - Patheos (blog)

I just got the alumni magazine from my alma mater, Eastern University, from which I learn a piece of trivia I'd somehow never heard during my years attending the school: In 1919, years before Eastern's college would be founded there, the Walton estate ...

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BJP heat on 'ghost' companies - Calcutta Telegraph

BJP heat on 'ghost' companies. OUR SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT. New Delhi, Jan. 28: The BJP today wondered why the income-tax department had not probed the “76-odd ghost and bogus” companies allegedly owned by Mayawati's relatives and friends.

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Bigfoot Blamed for Strange Shrieks - Yahoo! News (blog)

[Rumor or Reality: The Creatures of Cryptozoology]. Surely a group of 8-to-10-foot tall hairy bipedal animals can't be that hard to find if you place cameras around a hotspot of activity and wait a few weeks. Of course covering huge swaths of ...

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'Ghost Hunters' explores the paranormal at Mission San Juan Capistrano - Southwest Riverside News Ne

Ghost sightings in San Juan? Maybe so. Mission San Juan Capistrano has always been a place of legend and folklore. Now, the birthplace of Orange County has granted the SyFy Channel's “Ghost Hunters” crew limited access to investigate public claims of ...

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Walk the Moon to "rattle this ghost town" - University of Virginia The Cavalier Daily

If you have ever jammed to “Anna Sun”, you too know the infectious energy of Walk the Moon, the alternative rock band performing at The Jefferson Tuesday. Formed in 2010 by lead singer Nicholas Petricca in Cincinnati, Ohio, this band has quickly risen ...

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The ghost of apartheid still haunts education - Independent Online

Some features of the infamous apartheid era have survived its demise. Among the legacies of the old-style government is a dysfunctional education system which continues to diminish the life chances of the already disempowered. Another relic of the ...

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